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How to install Windows 8 beta

How to install Windows 8 beta

Windows 8 Beta
After running Windows 7 for long time, Microsoft has now introduced new version of Windows named Windows 8 along with themes moniker Starlight and Nightfall.
Installation of Windows 8 beta
Windows 8 beta installation is as equally easy as the previous Windows. Internet, however, is a rapid and most simple way to get the windows 8 beta set up. But before downloading or installing the same one must ensure that the system, on which the set up has to be downloaded, fulfill all requisite features such as faster processor and maximum RAM. HD Graphic card is also in the list of requirements in order to acquire utmost advantage from latest windows edition. To obtain the prerequisite facets one can go online and follow the steps given.
To carry on with specific features for windows 8 via internet, few basic steps are in need. Search out for preferred Windows 8 downloading website or simply visit  After reaching the page one can find an option of “Get it Now”. Hit on the tab and fill in e-mail address and residing country details and wait for process to get completed. Thereafter get Windows 8 downloaded online.
What if one does not prefer internet for downloading?  
If one does not prefer using internet source for downloading for any reason then the person can also get Windows 8 set up CD. The same can be order over the internet or purchase from computers and peripherals shops. But this process is not as quick as the first one as one may have to wait for long to have the CD in his or her hand upgrade internet explorer.
Once the CD is there, there are few plain and simple steps to follow to get started with Windows 8. The very first step towards installing is to run the Windows 8 beta CD in the CD/DVD drive and wait for a small window to get opened.
Strike the ISO link present on it and complete the form by filling e-mail and residing country details. Then select the right version of current system, i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit. Those using Windows XP as their current OS need to use different program to get ISO converted into installer.
Now go to download the set up by pointing it to Windows 8 ISO source doc and save the target at preferred place on the computer.

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