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Increasing Dominance of Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting UK

Increasing Dominance of Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting UK

Dedicated server counts higher than their shared counterparts owing to the fact that they assure you the magnitude of security that others versions of voluminous data storage cease to offer. There are numerous companies into this business that assure high end safety to your your important data. Hence, opting for any of them would be advisable if you are also in the lookout of a convenient source to give added protection to your data. Yet another thinkable option is Cloud hosting UK that is capable of bearing comparing higher load than dedicated server. Let us discuss some more about these two innovative concepts of technology.

Dedicated server

Also known as managed hosting, a client leases the a dedicated server without sharing it with anyone else. It gives the enterprises complete control over the hosting services and have their say in the selection of hardware, operating system and every other related consideration. It is often given a status parallel to that of colocation since it finds its a religious use in data centers. However, unlike in colocation services, the support for your data, applications and the OS is provided by the owner of the server; you only lease it for a certain period after which you can opt renew or extend your collaboration with the concerned service provider.

Cloud hosting UK

The Cloud hosting UKĀ  is rapidly inspiring the corporate houses across the world to avail its services, mainly due to its ability to offer computing in the form of service instead of product. It allows you to pay for shared resourcesĀ  that intend to simplify your business tasks over a secure network. You may run the need of cloud hosting UK if you want to host a website or application that demands much higher bandwidth than an average website. Hence it is the best option if you are desirous of hosting an online video web portal, a social media website on the lines of Facebook that is expected to invite a burgeoning traffic, or some other high end application for which a dedicated server could be of lesser help.

Dedicated server VS Cloud hosting UK

Both these hosting concepts have been much in demand in the recent times and they are expected to gain even higher prominence in the better future. The use of one or both of them however depends on one’s individual requirements. In case of cloud hosting, you are likely to pay the price for resources that you want to back your applications over the internet while in case of a dedicated server, you pay for the entire server, irrespective of resources it uses. provides hassle free hosting solution, Cloud Hosting UK services and UK based Dedicated Hosting Server that operates from three data centres in London and the South East.

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