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The Dominance of Cloud Server Hosting in UK over Dedicated Server

The Dominance of Cloud Server Hosting in UK over Dedicated Server

Cloud Hosting in UK is greatly dominating the online business due to the amazing features and flexibility that are offered to clients. This latest form of web hosting has become extremely popular in the last few years and is extremely preferred by all the corporate giants due to the fact that their websites doesn’t rely on just one server but on cluster of interconnected servers working together, due to which they are referred as “cloud”. In cloud server hosting the resources required to maintain the websites are spread across more than one web server and are used as per the requirements. This further reduces downtimes chances is case of server malfunction and users are guaranteed of hundred percent uptime.

The another prime reasons for cloud hosting popularity in UK is mainly because the cloud hosting easily manages the loads as the data are spread across different servers and the clients need to pay for what they use. Depending upon their changing business requirements the clients can switch their hosting packages and pay accordingly. In cloud hosting the users are given the choice of operating system and they can select the operating system as Linux or Windows. Moreover the users also have complete server configuration control through an application based interface or web-based interface. Cloud server hosting in UK enable people to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting without bearing the heavy price of dedicated hosting.

Users in cloud server hosting are provided with virtual dedicated environment, although the cloud will be shared by other users too but still they will have their own virtual machines that will offer a dedicated environment, which no one else can accessed. In cloud server hosting the users will never have to worry about server crashing or the websites being inaccessible. Today great number of businesses are relying on the online business as their source of income and hence such websites require high uptime. Thus most of the UK professionals engaged in the online business opt for the cloud server hosting in UK as they can’t afford server downtime.

Despite of dedicated server offering a number of different advanced hardware configurations, which the users can use to their benefit, business houses are still preferring cloud server hosting in UK. The reason behind business houses choosing cloud server hosting in UK is that it provides opportunity to add additional resources for the client hosting environment as and when required to cope up with the fluctuating loads. The clients are always ensured that they are only paying for what they are using. Thus, cloud server hosting often prove economical compared to dedicated hosting or any other form of hosting options. provides hassle free hosting solutions, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting UK services. Find the best solutions for Cloud Server with web hosting services.

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