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Indian classified website

Indian classified website

When you talk about the classified, you are talking about the latest form of advertising which advertise the different products or even services by different companies as well as individuals. Same is the case happening in India, as lot of different classified websites are giving change to users to advertise their products online. Just like the old advertising style of advertising in the newspapers, classified websites are giving the options of several categories from which the user can choose the one required.


With IT advancements, lot of people in India and throughout the world are using the internet to find information and advertise their products. The old ways of advertising like newspapers have gone obsolete now. We fully understand it and have created a site from which users can easily post their classifieds. The information included with the classifieds can be product description, price, image etc.


We offer the facility of posting free classified ads. The time length can vary for each advertisement. As our classified facility is free so many people like to avail this opportunity and we have a large collection of posted ads daily. As number of internet users are increasing day by day so online posting of classified ads gives a great opportunity to post your products online and get the maximum benefits and large audience.


Customers can find a complete range of items with the discounted prices as well as the original prices. We also give you an opportunity to connect us and like us on face book.

We at Geboon, offers complete range of categories of products and services to choose from. Our experts are fully motivated to give their customers something new and exciting to work from. We offer an extensive platform for buying, selling and leasing of products.


Before finally posting your ad, our experts take a quick review of it and then it will be posted in its best style. Our experts make sure that the proper information is included and offensive or any illegal offerings are not included in your classified advertisement.


Before posting an advertisement, the user needs to give certain personal information and description of the product or service. At Geboon, you can post your classified personally or even a company can post it. Mandatory fields needed to be completed. We feel that our customers are very good at their work and they will surely avoid the duplication of their ads giving others the equal chance. We recommend that the user waits for sometime if he/ she want to submit another advertisement until the first one gets operational. At Geboon, we give an opportunity to submit as many numbers of classifieds as u want. Please feel free to write us if you want to get any further information.

Sabrina Taylor says it is the right choice for a quick and easy to buy and trade all over India. And it’s free classified ads website where you can buy and sell anything, anywhere, anytime. Send an ad for free or browse by category. You can find cars, homes, mobile phones and gadgets, computers, tickets, and dozens of articles and services in your town, or within the Union.


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