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IXWebHosting Review $3.95

IXWebHosting Review

  • Pricing
  • Performance
  • Support
  • 99.9 Uptime

IXWEB hosting reviewsIX Web Hosting Review

Industry-Leading Linux, VPS and Cloud Hosting Plans

Expert plan at only $3.95 a month

Customer/Technical support is what sets IX Web Hosting above many other web hosts. They scored well in our web hosting comparison because they take pride in offering personalized support to get you up and running, but also to assist with optimizing the performance of your sites.

IXWeb Hosting would make a great choice for anyone looking for a host that cares about its customers; we especially like their unconditional, full money back guarantee. IXWeb hosting did very well on our web hosting comparison and came out in 2nd place, just behind JustHost.

  • IX Web Hosting Package:
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Unlimited Disk Storage and Transfer on all accounts
  • Free Shared SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat and Ticketing Support
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee
  • State of the Art Data Center
  • US Based Call Center and Customer Support
  • In business since 1999
  • IXWeb Hosting – Summary

Would we be happy to use IXWeb Hosting? Yes, they are reliable, committed to customer service and want to keep their customers happy.

IX Web Hosting is a hosting company prepared to deliver the goods on what you need to launch a web site. Hosting plans above their entry level plan are geared towards expanding functionality and growing business. While the hosting plans are certainly priced for the small site owner/developer, the Dedicated IP addresses and easy add-ons of Ecommerce SSL and Merchant Account really make IX Web Hosting a one-stop shop.

Get IX Webhosting’s Top Rated Hosting Plan

Hosting Plans:

The web hosting plans with IX Web Hosting are different in several ways from the typical web host. You will notice all the same freebees, but what you will also see are some rare jewels such as dedicated IP addresses for your domains, SSL certificates or SEO planning. Hosting plans come with up to three free domain registrations, and the two premium plans even provide a Windows Hosting Environment, at the same price as Linux!

The budget-conscious will take notice of the Expert plan at only $3.95 a month. A plan that still offers unlimited disk space and unlimited transfer, you really can’t go wrong! Even this cheap plan is ecommerce ready and has the ability to use the shared SSL certificate to launch a web store right away!

Business Plus and Unlimited Pro accounts are almost identical in scope, with Unlimited Pro simply giving unlimited access to limited functionality of the other such as number of MySQL databases, extra dedicated IP addresses and the full three free domain registrations. Both plans cost $7.95 a month which for this many dedicated IP addresses, (up to 15!) this is really quite a steal. Both plans give the option for Windows hosting which comes with ColdFusion MX and typical COM objects and .NET features. Selecting Windows will remove your ability to rely on Ruby on Rails, however if you are choosing Windows then you likely need the other backend options only available to that environment.

Plus, where else can you find unlimited Windows hosting with 15 dedicated IP addresses in an ecommerce ready platform, for very reasonable price

Technical and Customer Support:

Here’s where the hosting nerds can all agree, that it’s not too difficult to provide reliable hosting support when you are servicing a farm of resources all geared to one end client scheme. IX Web Hosting on the other hand provides two environments, Linux and Windows, both. The customer service from IX Web Hosting is competent on both levels.

In our humble opinion, unless you specifically require ColdFusion MX, then Linux hosting is just as good, if not better and more reliable than its Windows counterpart. IX Web Hosting allows you to choose between the two platforms and be supported in either direction you choose.

Support comes in all three varieties: Phone, Online Chat, and Support Ticketing. Each of these solutions is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Another excellent aspect of the controlled management system at IX Web Hosting is the domain registration and domain management that they provide. This extends their expertise and availability really, covering you the end-user and being a single-source for solving any of your site problems, should they arise, removing third and fourth parties. Managing a large network of systems is IX Web Hosting’s job since 1999; let them do it for you.


We’ve already covered many of the features available from IX Web Hosting, since the powerful benefits from so many of them apply to most areas of the hosting plan. Still, one of the most powerful features available from any host, and found right here with IX Web Hosting, is the use of their free domain registration, and their dedicated IP addresses.

Many hosts put you through the ringer when asking for access to additional IP addresses, and typically those aren’t even dedicated. Whether you need a private SSL certificate, are conducting advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques, or simply want your web sites to site native in their own ‘space’, IX Web Hosting takes the headache out of finding them and getting new ones assigned – your account comes with 1, 3 or 15 dedicated IP addresses! Right now the two top tier hosting plans are priced identically, however you gain 12 dedicated IP addresses, unlimited databases and free domain registrations, just for being smart.

The final item regarding features we want to touch on is the ability to add items to your account fast and easy, like a dedicated ecommerce SSL certificate, or adding a Merchant Account. These are two additional premium features/products that IX Web Hosting can provide and at industry competitive prices! These power packed features are all reasons why IX Web Hosting is one of our top web hosting provider picks.

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