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Main Differences between VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting

Main Differences between VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is the most widely and commonly used web hosting solution in the WWW community for its varied features, capabilities and pricing plans. VPS hosting is the basic solution provider for all, whether you are a naive, a website owner or an eCommerce expert. There are a number of plans being offered under the VPS hosting by the web hosting providers or companies, to cater to the requirements of any type of business. The older version of VPS hosting server was a single hosting server making use of huge resources, which were only given to web developers as per their usage and size. This has further paved way for the Cloud VPS Hosting.

The Cloud VPS Hosting uses multiple linked servers that function simultaneously to add huge volume of resources to its users. All plans under the cloud VPS hosting offer unique, yet attractive features as per the customer’s requirements.

Resource Usage
The two types of server hosting differ a lot from each other, when it comes to billing part. A regular VPS allows its users to purchase plans with limited resources to be used every month. Though this is a good budgeting plan, but can hinder the possibility of expanding directly. The cloud VPS hosting plan also offers this plan, but in which the customers are given the option to use the resources beyond their monthly plans for an extra price rate. Also, the latter offers greater flexibility in terms of pricing.

Hosting Plans and Performance
The hosting plans and performance vary considerably within the normal VPS hosting industry. For instance, while some plans may cost you less than 10 dollars a month, other may go beyond 200 dollars a month. In short, you get what you pay for. In case of the cloud VPS hosting, customers are offered unlimited scalability and brilliant performance.

Why would you choose Cloud VPS Hosting?
A majority of large business organisations, big corporations, educational websites and individuals needing a large amount of resources, opt for the cloud VPS hosting solution for the successful running of their business. Hence, in a cloud VPS hosting, several network servers are used and accessed together to accommodate the huge utilisation of resources and the web traffic.

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