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The Main Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

The Main Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Whenever a new technological milestone is achieved, many technologically savvy are usually quick to try out, lest they are left behind by the dashing invention and innovation. Programmers and doing a superb job in trying to understand the needs of the millions of users who rely on the web for their livelihood and they need a pat on the back for a job-well-done! The most recent innovation that has left many people yapping and talking about in the web hosting industry is cloud hosting. It is currently lying in heaps of praises it snatched from VPS in one massive sweep. Anyway, the reality is, many of the people talking so heavenly about cloud hosting have not had a direct interaction, and if they have, then they were so excited to think analyze any of the bad sides of the many advantages cloud hosting is purported to posses.

It is a fact that the cloud technology is a pure epitome of technology going places. It is also very clear that cloud webhosting comes with superior data storage. However, what is not clear is that there is a menacing gloomy cloud that is looming in the cloud. To begin with, anyone can see yours files can be visible to more than one person from varied locations. As much as this may be viewed by some other enthusiast as an advantage of great volume, I see looming danger that must be carefully analyzed before taking off to the clouds with cloud web hosting. If you lack a secure connection, you risk exposing a lot of personal and business information. This means that you need to be careful on whose cloud you are on. Hackers and scammers can easily have a field day if you get slightly careless with your security and data.

The second con of cloud web hosting lies in one of its main advantages, technology. Cloud web hosting is very useful to business persons from different geographical locations. The cloud makes business processes and communication easier. However, over reliance on the cloud poses a threat of communication breakdown whenever one of the parties experiences some technical difficulties. That’s not all, your security can also be compromised at some point and hence, you should have a emergency place, just in case. It is said, better safe than sorry.

The last major con of cloud web hosting is that you have no control over information. Cloud hosting is hosted by some cloud hosting company. You may lack sovereignty over your files on the cloud and this is a risk.

All in all, we cannot rule out the obvious fact the cloud technology, especially cloud web hosting is the best high-end technological advancement in the recent past. If you get yourself a competent host, then your user experience, safety and affordability of cloud web hosting may just be the best thing to ever hit the World Wide Web. You need to bear in mind that you should only engage the services of a dependable hosts, someone you can trust your business with.


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