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Making Money Through Domain Names

Making Money Through Domain Names

Good quality and novelty or fashionable domain names can be turned into a nice passive income stream, when you consider their commercial value and relevance in todays marketplace.

In the early days of the internet,  no one knew the potential value of domain names. As time passed and the internet grew over the years, people started identifying the potential value of good domain names. When the dot com bubble burst though, several millions of domain names suddenly became available. These were unfortunate times when millions of net entrepreneurs lost everything they had, and they did not even have enough money to renew those names.

However, there were a group of on the ball entrepreneurs, who anticipated and visualized the future prospects of holding all these expired domains. Soon there was a mini “goldrush”, with buyers racing against time to grab and buy expired domain names. A new form of business was born, and domain name traders grabbed millions of domains within days and months.

It seems that with the stabilization and maturity of internet and new online business opportunities, new buyers  are always looking for good domains. Secondly, trading in expired domains provides profit making opportunities to sellers within a potentially short time.

People now understand the commercial and search engine  importance of buying good domain names. With a sustained market for useful names, and the demand for good domain name is slowly increasing. A good domain can cost you under $ 20 to buy and register, but it is possible to sell the same domain for many times more, using the tried and tested domain auction process to sell.

If you have a series of vacant domains at your disposal, you can earn some decent income by using the power of the domain name auction market. One of the best ways to earn a simple income is to sell it quickly to an interested buyer. But, with this option, you may not maximise the value.  You need to devise a strategy that will provide you an opportunity to earn more income, and one of the best ways is to park it with a parking service, while you look for a buyer, or wait for an auction to run.

It is possible to automate this system when using a service such as Sedo. When you set up an account you can repoint your domains and Sedo will automatically park the domain and create ads for your holding page. If those ads are clicked you will recieve income, just like using AdSense.

You can also use a good expired domain name to build a web site, develop it with good content and later sell them at a better price than for an empty domain.

My method for doing this is to use WordPress, as my hosting account enables me to install the basic blog with one click on a chosen domain. It is then just a process of adding content, plugins, and improving the design with a new theme. It is always easier to sell a blog or website with a proven traffic flow, and the prices are higher too.

These are some of the relatively easy methods that allow you to use the power of domain names to make a decent passive income stream over time. You can find more detail on this subject on my website,

Flyssy is webmaster for The site that shows you how to gain pounds and lose pounds at the same time!

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