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PHP Web Hosting Versus ASP Web Hosting – Which is Better?

PHP Web Hosting Versus ASP Web Hosting – Which is Better?

Web development is full of different coding languages to use to make a website completely functional. Many times, developers have trouble choosing between ASP and PHP Web Hosting development languages because they are both used to create dynamic websites, those that require user input to generate a page. To better understand which one to use, users must first completely understand each language and what it can do. While both of them are capable of generating dynamic websites, each of them use different approaches to accomplish the same goal.

ASP stands for Active Sever Pages, and comes from Microsoft. Since Microsoft is in control of ASP, it generally isn’t supported on any servers other than Microsoft. There are some applications available from third party vendors making it possible to use ASP Web Hosting on servers that are not supported by Microsoft, but usually this language is reserved for larger companies with more specific needs.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, though it once stood for Personal Home Pages. PHP is completely open source and maintained by a group of volunteer programmers. This means the server does not have be a Microsoft supported server in order for the programming language to be supported, however, support must be enabled on the server. Many of today’s web hosting companies offer support for PHP Web Hosting on their servers making it widely accessible, and easier for most web developers to use.

If a website wants to have control of the data displayed to each user, one of these two languages should be used, with a database to store all possible information. The languages can then call the information from the database and display the appropriate information to the appropriate user.

ASP isn’t very easy to start learning from scratch, partly because it’s a Microsoft product and many Microsoft products are complex.

Why do businesses use it, then? Well, chances are businesses are already running other Microsoft products, which makes it easier to implement. Having compatibility with Microsoft makes many business transactions run smoother.

PHP is much easier to learn because the open source component means developers can work together to release coding tutorials and there is a wide support base for it. This is the choice for many small and medium sized businesses because so many tools are available for free. Many free and low cost web hosts support PHP Web Hosting which means the cost of development is greatly reduced.

Choosing between ASP and PHP Web Hosting relies on a variety of factors including which language your developers know, the servers where the website will be hosted, and exactly what the website should do to properly function.

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