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Review on WebHostingPad

Review on WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad is relatively new to the web hosting industry compared with some companies like iPage. WebHostingPad was set up in 2005 and the main aim of the company is to provide web hosting solutions to the clients with high quality and affordable price. It is a component of Omnis network and it would provide some comprehensive plans of web hosting. For some cheaper ones, the price charged would be as low as $ 3.96 each month. In the plans, customers could get numerous bandwidth and disk space. Moreover, there would be all-time customer supports as well as a lot of unlimited supports for the domains they offer. If the website owners are going to set up the website at the lowest cost and the cost is the most important concern, they are always suggested to purchase the service of WebHostingPad because if they get the right coupon code, they could enjoy a discount and they could purchase the web hosting services from WebHostingPad at a very low price.

Among all the plans offered by WebHostingPad, the Power Plan is very popular because it would offer unlimited bandwidth every month to the clients and there would also be unlimited disk space and domains. Everything would happen in only one single account. Therefore, online business owners could set up different sites with just one plan and it would greatly enable them to expand their businesses on the internet and build great businesses. On the other hand, WebHostingPad would try to provide tools for website owners to get rid of spam and virus. The company would also give website builders which are user-friendly. If customers are not satisfied with the services, they could have their money back in thirty days.

Now, let’s look into the features of web hosting from WebHostingPad

Now, WebHostingPad would give 17,000 GB of the disk space every month to the client.

It would also give 17,000 GB bandwidth to the client every month. The plans would allow clients to get into unlimited domains. Of course, common features like unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited sub-domains, online ticket system, cPanel, etc, are all provided by WebHostingPad. There are also some marketing tools like PHP, Phyton, etc, which could be used easily.

Again, one of the attractions about WebHostingPad web hosting services would be the 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is given without any conditions and users could cancel the account in WebHostingPad within the first 30 days after deducting the basic cost of the web hosting services they have used.

The customer support of the WebHostingPad is great. They would give live support, email support and even phone support to their clients, and the services is all-time available. On the other hand, there would be detailed common Q&A section in the website of WebHostingPad so that clients could solve the problem on their own.

One of the things that people would like to know about web hosting services would be the security. WebHostingPad is reliable in this. It would have a lot of ways to make sure that the data of the client would not be stolen. Also, there would be multi layer security to make sure that users could be protected.

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