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All about ix web hosting

All about ix web hosting

Ix web hosting was founded in the year 1999. This is one of the well known hosting providers for the professional web hosting services. This company has about 180 employees and over 200,000 domains hosted on it. They offer three basic plans which are named as Expert plan, Business plus and unlimited Pro. The plan starts from $ 6 to $ 12 per month. You can get all the basic features included in this plan. This hosting is similar to that of the bluehost in terms of features and price ranges.

The Expert plan includes unlimited domains with 60 GB of disk space and 6000 GB of data transfer along with one free domain registrations and sub domains. The Business plan starts at $ 8.95 per month with unlimited domains and sub domains. It contains 1000 GB of storage space and 8000 GB of bandwidth with two free domain registrations. The last plan is the unlimited plan available at $ 14.95 per month. This plan has the unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, unlimited sub domains and 10000 GB of data transfer with three free domain registrations. Some of the features like site builder are free whereas the optional feature like credit card processing is reasonably priced. However, if you need ecommerce hosting, you need to pay much more.

When it comes to control panel, ix web hosting is just improved themselves. The control panel allows multiple account management to manage your web hosting accounts. But now ix has added some new features to the control panel. There is a new marketing center and business center added to this menu. You can get all the free marketing credits for online PPC advertising, including Miva, Google AdWords and yahoo marketing. Apart from this, a new blog link is included too where as this blog is updated with server maintenance.

In case if your web site is down at anytime, you can just login to IXwebhosting CP and can get the status blog to check on your web hosting server downtime status. This support team is available with live chat at CP and is ready to assist you. Therefore, you cannot find any more best hosting company like this.

The ixwebhosting is considered as one of the best great american hosting for the business sites.

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