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Should You Use Google Apps For Hosting Your Website

Should You Use Google Apps For Hosting Your Website

In the vastly exploding industry of web hosting, builders of websites and customers are keen to post their websites and be counted on this massive internet world. Many such people commence this by opting for a free web hosting service.

Now, the easy way in which you may probably do this is through Google, which will not only make a website for you but it will also enable it to be searched through their Google Apps in Google. You can maintain, build and even upgrade your site, if needed, using the web based application, Google Apps. As it does not need to be maintained on a server, operating it is very easy. The only thing that is required of you is to post your content. Once your content is uploaded any visitor can view it.

Your application could be served through your separate domain or you could have it served from, using their free domain. Using Google Apps is absolutely free. Only a sign up is required after which you are given a 500MB disk space. They, however, do not reveal the exact bandwidth that you are given. The company asserts to have bandwidth for 5 million pages to be viewed each month.

The Google Apps features are able to host a website in a dense volume environment which has a large amount of content. It is certainly a better choice among many other free services of this kind in the market. Full support for the usual web technology being used currently, is provided by them. They can automate your load balancing and scaling, provide an authentication system so that only authorized users get access. All this is done in a local environment that runs the Google Apps simulation on your PC most conveniently.

Similar to the way mySQL works, Google Apps also contains provision for a Datastore function.

This is a data service distribution used by search engines and for other transactions. As your data increases, the Datastore will also increase. Unlike an average database, the data objects housed in this will have specific properties and use a filter. This lets a search query match your properties in a more efficient manner.

The Python API is also included in the Datastore which provides an interface and allows modeling. This can be useful in defining the entities placed in the Datastore for matching with a particular data structure. The Datastore system is not without some disadvantages as it can only support Python programming language. Google is increasing its efforts so that it can be utilized with more scripts soon. This is a major drawback which will prevent skilled programmers from making an ideal website according to their needs. Another issue is the high frequency with which Internal Server errors crop up that users are left to contend with. This particular problem seems to be linked to the reason that hosting is done in the name of your own domain. It is reported that Google has been unable to give satisfactory solutions to such normal problems.

In any event, the free web hosting that Google has made available is just in its infancy. One can say it is going through a testing phase or is in a preview state. In the industrys aggressive market, they will eventually bring out a hosting plan for by the customers if they wish to remain competitive.

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