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The Greatestunlimited Web Hosting

The Greatestunlimited Web Hosting

If there were EVER a time to get into the web hosting business it is for sure right now! Web hosting prices are at an all time low, allowing many companies to offer cheap reseller web hosting for the first time. Reseller hosting as traditionally been very expensive and seen as an almost premium service. Times have changed however with reseller hosting closing in on where shared prices were only a few years ago. This dramatic shift is due to many factors including lower hardware prices, and the furthering of current hosting resources. Reselling web hosting is the perfect way to get into the market today. I have outlined the best plan I can think of when looking for a cheap reseller web hosting provider!

Why you need a “cheap” reseller web hosting provider!
Many people as me why reseller hosting even exists, don’t the hosting companies loose money by giving others the ability to sell the same services they have worked so hard to build and protect? The answer is not so straight forward, they may not make as much money by selling their reseller web hosting packages at such great rates. The do however get a great deal of brand exposure by other people visiting their website. So now you have a glimpse into these hosts business models, lets see how this affects you. We know the reason you are wanting to get into hosting is to make money right? Well with how cheap reseller web hosting providers is so great is it helps you do exactly that!

How to pick out your cheap reseller web hosting provider

This my friends is the easy part, the hard part is deciding to take the leap of faith and get into the web hosting business. I recommend that you look for a reputable cheap reseller web hosting provider. you need to remember that their service is your service. Look for important things such as contact times and methods of contact. You need to make sure that they are available when you need them. If your client has a problem and it takes you 8 hours to resolve it because your provider sucks, it won’t be a fun thing to explain to your client. You should read review written by other RESELLER (not shared hosting clients) about what dealing with the company from a business perspective is like.

Please contact your potential cheap reseller web hosting provider first!

It is vital that you contact the company you are going to work with PRIOR to purchasing hosting. Take some time to get to know the company, ask the hard questions like how long they have been in business. It is also a good idea to tell them your business plan and see how they will integrate into your business. A little planning goes a LONG way, if your provider knows you are planning to grow this little business into an empire, then they can make the necessary changes to their infrastructure to make it soar!

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