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The Lazy Blogger

The Lazy Blogger

It seems like everyone is out blogging these days, but the most interesting use of blogging, comes from those who’ve decided to use it to attract business. There are many smaller industry blogs and there is some very interesting information that is not readily found elsewhere. Let me explain;

Over the years, I’ve participate in many industries and subscribed at any given time to 50-70 trade journals. These days there are fewer trade journals available, but during the past 2-decades I was able to learn a lot about a good many industries and realize the kinds of great articles and insights that were within.

Now we have blogs and all the industry participants who were not good enough at writing or could not get their articles accepted now have a platform to discuss what they wish to discuss, without sugar coating and in a way that meets their writing choice, not some editor in some far away state.

This is why industry blog social networks are great, as they accumulate all the knowledge across an industry for this purpose, of course, there are many folks that own individual blogs that put themselves out as instant experts but are really not qualified in the field.

In fact, there are some who will gather up content and merely post it on their blogs, sometimes they give credit to the person who wrote it, sometimes they steal that content. Now some of them will email the writer and ask to post it, but most do not. Rather they attach a name or source and figure that is good enough.

In a way they are stealing internet traffic for their blogs and scoring high in the key-words for it. This is what I call the lazy blogger, too lazy to write their own content and too willing to break their ethical standards. There is another form of lazy blogger, this is the one that asks everyone under the sun to write a guest blog for them. Again, this is a good tactic for internet traffic, but such laziness is nothing to aspire too. Think on this.

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