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Tips To Customize Your WordPress Blog

Tips To Customize Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is the perfect platform for custom blog design. And WordPress customization is being popular and widely used concept among the bloggers these days. You can get all the necessary customized web development tools for free and which helps you start a blog immediately. A blog helps you to share, articles, tutorials, designs etc. with web users. However, there are already thousands of blogs out there and only a handful of them get expected visitors. Therefore, it is essential that you must customize your blog to establish your identity in the virtual world. Here are few tips which will help you to customize your blog. Following these guidelines, you can design a customized blog and attract online readers.

Generate a customized Gravatar:

Generally a blog customization begins with the layout design. In current scenario you get free wordpress theme for your blog design. But you get wordpress themes with a default gravatar and you should replace it as soon as possible. Design an exclusive gravatar for your site to give your blog a brand identity.

 Stylize Author Comments:

Blog acts as a best place for direct communication with the readers. Hence when you post an article on your blog, ask the readers to share their opinion in the comments field. You can see readers posting dozens of comments, but finding the author’s reply is a bit tough. That is why; you should stylize the author’s comments using various colors and show respect to him.

Provide Personal Information:

Furnish your personal Information in the “About” Page. Hence as the blog owner, you can try to connect with your readers personally. In the “about” page, you can provide some information about your personal life, educational background and profession. Tell them what motivated you to start your blog.

 Use Footer Area Intelligently

 Many people are in a belief that the footer area of a website should be used for copyright information and web design studio’s name. The real fact is that, you can increase readership, if you plan and design your footer area. For instance, you can show the links of “most read” articles in the footer area or provide your contact information.

Design a User Friendly 404 Page

 Web users get irritated and leave your blog/website when they see a “page not found” message. Therefore, it is necessary that you customize the 404 page design to give a positive impression. For example with the help of web developers, in the 404 page, you can write “sorry, the article you are searching for is no longer available. Would you like to go back to the main page?”

 Give Social Media Share Options

Give several social media share options below every post in your blog to increase readership. When a reader reads an article and shares it with his friends, some of his friends may like it and start visiting your blog as well.

Highlight Your Authors

Don’t always post your article as admin; readers don’t like to see an article always written by “admin”. Provide a short biography of the author below each article. It will facilitate your readers know more about their favorite authors.

 Provide a Search Tool

Many visitors/readers come into our blog/website searching for a particular article, and for their help, you should embed a search tool in your blog. For example, if someone is looking for “web development” articles, he does not need to search your entire archive. He can type the keyword in the search tool and get all the related articles at once.

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