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Trace Friends blogging on WordPress through Facebook

Trace Friends blogging on WordPress through Facebook

Blogging has skyrocketed into a big activity today. Everyone who wishes to publish their thoughts have gone ahead and taken to this no cost medium. And WordPress is one such platform that allows you to build high quality, search engine friendly blogs. And not just that its social media plugins enable the readers of your blog to place you on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube among others.  

Well, the wonder CMS now boasts of adding another major feature into its system. They’ve included a friend finder through which you can now look for your friends who have WordPress blogs and are on your Facebook, Twitter or Google contacts. 

Getting rave reviews already, the move has taken WordPress bloggers by surprise. Now if the blogger writes about his surprise birthday party, his/her pet peeve or his/her sister’s marriage- everything can be followed by people already on his/her social media a/c’s (and are using WordPress blogs).

To deploy it is the easiest task you can you’d come across- what you have to do is just give permission to WordPress so that it gets into your Facebook, Twitter or Google Contacts list and WordPress would do the trick of finding your pals on its own. If you’re thinking of a security breach or any such threat, don’t be afraid WP pledges to not save any of your data.

Subsequently, as your friend list displays, all you got to do is click on ‘Follow by names’ to find the souls whom you choose to familiarize yourself  with by way of  Blogs.  If you’re not aware of WordPress’s user friendly techniques you must know that  everyone chosen would be shown in the WP reader beneath the Blogs I follow segment.

Similarly, if others are trying to do the same thing, that is trying to add you; only primary blog of yours would be apparent to them within the friend Finder. The method would especially heighten the experience for people with more number of blogs. So let’s say if you care more for your blog on music and prefer to share only that with your Social media friends and not your travel blog, it can be performed efficiently. It would make your friends get added to that blog only.

This would help you discover the people whom you hadn’t known were into blogging and WordPress will bring you closer to them, so a mutual pattern can be followed of following each other.

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