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Types Of Website Hosting Services

Types Of Website Hosting Services

The no. of websites across the virtual world is zillions in nos. and multiplying by the second. The sea of websites has brought about a revolution in all the associated technologies. Website hosting servers are one such support system that has grown in numbers and nature.

The job of selecting a website hosting server is no longer the default choice based on the lowest cost with knowledge that the services offered by everybody are the same. Now, there are different kinds and qualities of servers, and your choice is dependent on your need and diligence.

In a layman language, website hosting servers are the place where a website designing company connects its website to the internet. In other words, they are the intermediate computers where a website is loaded and then transmitted to the internet. Primarily they are computers only but they carry much more memory, storage and features. When a new website has to be made ‘live’ it is first uploaded on the server and the users are able to view the website through these servers.

As mentioned before that there are many types of servers out there. Broadly these servers can be categorized into four major heads, namely free, shared, collocated and dedicated.

Free hosting servers: As the name suggests these are free servers. Anybody can get there sites uploaded on them. The reason why they are free is that they are generally a part of a package. Because these servers are free, the space and speed that they offer are extremely less. Therefore, it is not suited for your business site. These servers are ideal of single page websites which are low on content and features. Many Nonprofit organizations also like to go for these servers due to their limited budgets.

Shared servers: These are the servers that are available on rent and are shared amongst various users. It’s a midway pack between the free and dedicated server. You pay rent according to the space you get, but the problem is with the varying speeds. The bandwidth you get is dependent on the no. of active users at a given point of time.

Dedicated servers: These are your personal servers in a way. The server is dedicated to your company only and it’s up to you how many sites you want to host on it. It’s the preferred choice for large companies who have multiple sites. The cost of dedicated servers are high, therefore some people opt for shared servers instead of dedicated ones.

Colocated servers: This work just like dedicated servers but in this case the server is also owned by you. It gives you much more flexibility and functionality. These are extremely expensive servers are used only by large companies, especially the ones who work on ecommerce models.

Now when you go to buy hosting for your website you will what kind of server you need and make the choice with confidence.

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