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VPS and VDS Hosting

VPS and VDS Hosting

More and more online business owners would try to find a lot of web hosting services which could provide support for them. It is especially common among some small and medium enterprises. These business owners would need more than those who just want some shared hosting services. And they could still have a lot of profits for the business. In the middle of 2000, a lot of companies would find that there is services available called VPS hosting, which means Virtual Private Server. This is actually something which lies between the dedicated server and the shared server. It would give business owners to control the website better and they could also install some software or applications about their own business. This gives the best cost-effectiveness to the clients because they could use their own server comfortably.

In the coming future, the internet world would evolve better and better. Therefore, more and more business owner would want to have a web hosting service which is of higher stability and security. Moreover, there would be better reliability. Therefore, in order to cope with the demand of the people in the world, VDS services are provided by some of the web hosting companies. VDS means Virtual Dedicated Server. For VDS services, the technology called Hyper Visor is used and businesses could enjoy more flexibility and control over the server because the virtual server would be provided with dedicated OS instance. It would enable the users of the VDS services to enjoy a higher security of the data and also they would enjoy a higher stability. Despite the fact that Hyper Visor technology is quite new now, companies would have an increasing interest to try this great technology so more and more service providers of web hosting services would use this technology to provide services in the future.

Sometimes people would find it hard to choose between VPS and VDS. In fact, the basic principle of both systems is similar but the technology employed is different. Hyper Visor technology could run the Enterprise Edition as well as the Standard Edition of Windows Server 2008. It would thus enable users to use Windows OS and also some Linux applications. On the other hand, VPS would also provide similar features, but the cost of the software and applications for VPS would be less expensive.

Web hosting services providers know well that customer all want better technology being used in the services and the security would be better. On the other hand, they also know that a lot of people would try to find the services at the lowest cost and largest effect. Therefore, people should also try to think from the cost and other possible financial burdens on the company when choosing between VDS and VPS.

Nowadays, VDS is still new to the market and VPS is widely used by many service providers to provide the web hosting services. InMotion is a company which would work especially in VPS and even VDS and the price they charge for plans using these technologies would be about $ 39.95 each month. The package would give 2 dedicated IP addresses, Shell Access as well as custom firewall to the customers. Of course, there would be enough RAM, disk storage and bandwidth provided to the clients. Therefore, InMotion could be a choice because they could provide 99.9% of uptime guarantee.

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