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Australian VPS Hosting

Australian VPS Hosting

VPS hosting and cloud computing are concepts that have become more popular over the past decade. Small and large businesses alike are recognizing the need for and flexibility of VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is a Virtual Private Server and is a term that is used by various hosting services across the internet, essentially referring to a virtual machine. This virtual machine has all of the privacy of a separate physical PC and is dedicated to an individual customer’s needs, even though the software runs on the same physical computer as other customer’s virtual machines. This allows businesses to reduce their costs regarding hardware and electricity; VPS capabilities also allow a business to run applications on older operating systems on the same server as the latest applications. Every virtual server can be rebooted independently and run itsown operating system.

There are a number of companies that offer VPS hosting as an extension of their web hosting packages. They can offer their services as an ‘unmanaged hosting’ which means the customer is responsible for monitoring and administering their own server; there is also an ‘unmetered hosting’ option, which offers customers an unlimited amount of data transfer services using fixed bandwidth.

A VPS acts to bridge the gap between dedicated hosting and shared web hosting, and gives independence from other clients in the VPS service, but costs less than a physical server. Because the VPS has its own copy of the operating system installed, clients are awarded with a ‘super user’ level of access to that particular operating system. They can install and run virtually any program or software that is compatible with that OS. There are certain limitations when dealing with a VPS server; for instance, due to the large number of customers that typically run on one machine, the processing time, disk space and RAM can be limited.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is comparable to VPS services, and can be described as the delivery of a service, instead of a product. Software, information and other shared resources are provided to computers as a utility over a specific network, normally the internet.

Think of cloud computing in terms of an electricity grid; you may not understand the main components, or infrastructure of the power grid, but you reap the benefits every time you turn on the light switch.

Cloud computing differs from hosting services; the resources could reside off-premise or on-premise at any service provider location. It can take the form of private clouds, public clouds, Hybrid clouds or inter-clouds.

A cloud computing provider will deliver applications over the internet and accessed from desktop or mobile apps using web browsers. The business software and other data reside on servers located remotely.

VPS and cloud computing services will continue to change the way that businesses store their data and access their applications. Large and small businesses will continue to reap the benefits of virtualization and increase their profits by ultimately reducing their hardware and energy costs. Customers will be able to easily access their data and conduct their work wherever they are located, regardless of where servers and physical equipment is located.

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