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VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting and cloud hosting are perhaps currently the most popular options available in web hosting services for companies. With virtual private servers the website would be hosted in a virtual partition within a larger hosting server. The server itself would generally include many such partitions or servers and each would be capable of hosting a different site. Cloud is a little similar since the websites here would also be hosted on virtual partitions. But with cloud the server itself would be made from a collection of storage resources and servers which are tied together for creating a large resource. 

Cost effectiveness and practicality

Although cloud has been generating a lot of buzz online, for the average website owners VPS hosting is definitely much more cost effective and practical in every way. With this particular type of hosting the user can purchase the necessary amount of storage and computing resources that they currently need and pay a specific amount each month. The models of this hosting service allow users to develop a fixed budget for their hosting requirements but also provide them flexibility to quickly move to a new hosting plan if their requirements change over time. 

The upside of cloud

On the other hand, with most cloud plans the web owners do not need to specify resource requirements while signing up. The site can utilize any amount of resources as they need during the month. The billing would be done as per the actual resource usage during the billing cycle. With cloud the biggest benefit offered is scalability on demand. Although this can be quite useful to users it may also turn out to be quite expensive. For this reason, when compared to VPS hosting cloud definitely comes across as expensive. This is one of the reasons why cloud is only recommended to larger websites that receive over 50,000 hits each day or for sites with ecommerce capabilities. 

Control over websites

When it comes to direct control over the domains, VPS hosting offers better results. Most of the plans available today allow the administrators to install their domains and any type of software or applications that they need. This type of flexibility cannot be easily found in web hosting services, even with cloud plans. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why virtual private servers are preferable to cloud is that it offers a very easy upgrade path in comparison to cloud. Also, those who have websites on virtual private servers currently can very easily shift to cloud models at any time. However, since with both of these models the websites are hosted within large servers in virtual partitions there would be hardly any noticeable difference from migration. To conclude, VPS hosting is definitely the better choice for most websites currently.

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