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Vps Hosting Is Green Hosting

Vps Hosting Is Green Hosting

Those using VPS hosting services may not realize how much they are impacting the environment in the long run. Computers have been used in business for many years, and unlike cars and high emission factories, computers are never thought of as a contribution to the damage of the environment and global warming. The fact is, web hosting companies are responsible for up to 65% of the carbon emissions produced by IT companies every year, and choosing a green hosting company is one of the better ways to protect the environment and do more about going green in business.

It may be difficult link to imagine, but green hosting basically refers to hosting companies that use methods to reduce their carbon footprint and use alternative fuel sources that have less of an impact on the world around them. Renewable fuel sources are becoming more and more popular amongst hosting companies, with many using wind farms and solar power as their main source of energy. These types of renewable fuel sources can reduce enough power to adequately cover the needs of even the largest hosting sites. The key to getting a good green hosting service is to choose one with a decent backup plan, including backup fuel generators and regular data backups.

Some of the most popular hosting sites that are certified green, work by taking power from the grid initially to ensure uptime reliability, and then replace it with renewable energy. Some even replace it with more renewable energy than they take from the grid in a bid to improve the environment even more. Users of these hosting sites can then proudly display a logo on their website to let their customers know that they are using renewable energy sources to power their websites. This can actually boost sales, as many clients are getting more and more concerned about sustainable energy and the impact of their business on the environment.

Green hosting companies are setting an example to other businesses in the IT industry. In addition to powering their servers with renewable energy sources, many companies also look at ways that they can reduce the need to cool their servers with as much energy as before, and some even look at their practices within the office and include recycling, automatic lighting, working from home and even reducing the amount of plastic and Styrofoam that is often used during mealtimes, leaving no stone unturned in order to be greener. provides cost-effective VPS Hosting designed to help enhance productivity and maximize resources. With over 12 years of experience, provides a full suite of services from shared web hosting, to Hosted Exchange Email and VPS Hosting services for SMBs and businesses of any size. Please visit us at

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