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Website Design

Website Design

Epitome :

Epitome is a  Graphics,  Media and Web Design and Development company with customers  in many countries across the globe.. Our services are affordable and backed by years of experience in the business. We take the time to understand your objectives and needs and translate it into creative output. Our mission is to enable individuals and businesses – small and large to leverage marketing trends and opportunities.

We offer traditional marketing tools like product brochures and flyers as well as presentations and product demos using state-of-the-art technology.  We use Open Source Content Management Systems to build websites and powerful online applications. This makes it easy to update and maintain the website after initial development.  Our Web Design packages  are tailored to your requirements for development and periodic updates and support.  Lastly we offer SEO services to optimize your website and enable customers to find you on the web.

We offer customized email campaigns  that  can reach all or targeted segments of your customer or prospect base. We can develop marketing material s and execute the campaign.  Further, we can track responses to specific campaigns and provide intelligent market data to meet  business  requirements.

Web Design :

Your website is the window to your company on the internet.

Web Design is a term which encompasses the way ‘content’ or information is delivered to a user. The user views ‘content’ or information through a web browser. Visuals, graphics and animation convey more than just words.

Epitome’s Web Design team is experienced in creating many different types of web sites or Content Management Systems.

Each website we design is unique and is designed with the specific requirements of your business in mind.

Our client base includes individuals, small businesses and large corporations and we would love to design a website for you.

We use state-of-the-Art technology, technically called ‘Content Management Systems’ and tools which makes the content compatible with different browsers and this makes it accessible to a wider audience.

Our Web Development methodology begins with understanding the needs of your business and is our differentiator.

Contact Us :
Mallika Ramamurthy
Ph no : (408) 480-2543
PO Box 1838, Mountain View,
CA 94042-1838

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