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Custom Web Design Versus Website Templates

Custom Web Design Versus Website Templates

According Jacob Nielsen, a renowned IT expert, an internet user spends not more than five seconds on a web page. This means that you have less than five seconds to make an impression in order to retain the user. Thus, a high quality custom web design is the key to holding users’ attention to the website.

Benefits of Custom Web Design
Here are the benefits of using custom web design instead of a website template:

* Unique design: A custom web design is exclusively made according to your individual business requirements. On the other hand, a template can be used by several websites. Thus, the element of exclusivity does not exist.
* Features: A customized design can be developed to incorporate essential features required for your online business. However, with templates you may have to compromise on the available number of features as they are pre-designed keeping in view general requirements.
* Scalability: Considering the exponential growth of technology, it is essential to increase the scalability of your website design. It should be adaptable to technology changes in the near future.
* Maintenance: The evolution of content management systems (CMS) has revolutionized the entire web development scenario. A website-based on CMS can be updated for both design and content easily. Thus, the website owner can update the content of his website without relying on technical experts.
* Branding: Customized designs are a part of the branding strategy for the organization. They use color themes, features and elements that are in resonance with the company’s brand image.

Process to Develop a Custom Web Design
The process of developing a custom web design begins with the understanding of the client’s business model, target audience and marketing objectives. A news website will have major focus on the content; while an ecommerce website will highlight products or services that are available. Once the homework is done, the process of customization the website design includes:

* Developing a dummy design.
* Seeking approval for the design.
* Adding essential features such as comment boxes, opinion poll, shopping cart or payment gateways
* Incorporating SEO-friendly features to the web design
* Launching the websites.

For more information on custom web design services, visit eBrandz offers comprehensive web solutions to international clients. With over seven years of experience, the company has developed high quality custom web design for a large variety of businesses.

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