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Weighing up the Future Development of the Clouds Hosting Solutions

Weighing up the Future Development of the Clouds Hosting Solutions

Cloud hosting services has emerged as one of the most important streams of web hosting services. 2010 has been a very flourishing year for hosting providers offering cloud severs solutions. The demand is expected to grow more and more. In fact, industry experts believe that the addition of some more well-defined features can further boost its sale in the years to come. Let us view in detail, a few of such features.

Common Expectations in Cloud Servers Business

Universal Demand will grow: Most companies, who have been running their online presence over the shoulders of dedicated hosting services, still feel fresh with the idea of cloud hosting. This incredibly advanced server architecture are primarily used in major corporations or enterprise organizations, who are ready to take a few risks and check if something better is available. However, for low-size companies running blogs, small business and personal websites find Cloud servers too cost-prohibitive. However, since technology is joining hands with most hosting solutions, even these mid-size companies will consider moving to clouds servers. However, with the advancement in technology combined with more and more hosting companies using this type of architecture, the buzz about cloud web hosting services is growing. Therefore, experts foresee that the demand of cloud consumers will increase universally.

Resellers will pick up: Many hosting companies offering shared hosting solution and dedicated server hosting services do not own their own and manage their personal equipment or data center. They often get associated with big web hosting services providers on contract basis and get assistance of an enormously efficient and functional data center to further resell their own brand of hosting service. This sort of contractual work environment is expected to be a flourishing trend in coming years. Moreover, since the evolution of cloud technology is rapid and brisk, the requirement of developing private data center for each web hosting company seems practically not feasible. Hence, resellers would settle with big hosting giants who would handle the data center ideally.

Standard, easy-to-understand pricing: At present, a very few web hosting services providers are letting out clouds on a flat fee. According to the Cloud standard model, clients are subjected to pay as much as they use. Also, the pricing per usage is based on the technology chosen. This is the reason why pricing plans differ, where some charge as per the hour and others per bandwidth. But since such pricing arrangement does not show clients much consistency in the bills, mainly if website traffic spikes, which actually infuriates them. With times changing so rapidly, industry veterans believe that cloud hosting services providers will learn the way smart phone carriers charge per month and begin to offer an all –inclusive sort of plan, with bonus features. The arrangement would definitely turn the present pricing of cloud hosting into something more conventional and understandable for business owners.

Improved technical support in terms of size and quality: Cloud web hosting services are typically described as reliable arrangement that does not require much of technical support. Especially in comparison to shared hosting solution, Clouds demand much lesser attention from the technical. However, unfortunately, the fact has not been viable enough to convince clients, who continue to look forward for more alert support for their product. The bigger will the website, the more concerned the owners will be, looking desperately for better service level agreements (SLAs).

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