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Will the Host Disappear Due to Cloud Computing

Will the Host Disappear Due to Cloud Computing

As mentioned earlier, the computer of the future can be thinner and lighter, because it does not have a bulky host, and you only need one monitor; its CPU, hard disk, and all parts are moved to another “computer” (cloud); this “computer” has powerful storage and computing power. The “storage” of this computer is the “cloud storage”, which is equivalent to a large network hard disk.


“I am here, but you cannot see me”, “cloud storage” is hiding in the place where we cannot see. In our mailbox, there will be a feature similar to “network disk”, which can store various files; we update the phone contacts, the “cloud” quietly back up. When the phone is damaged or lost, data can be restored with a key.


You can regard “cloud storage” as a network hard disk. Previously, you need to carry a notebook or U disk, but now you can store them to the network. “Cloud storage is a storage platform nased on massive server, being able to store thousands of millions GB of data.” 360 security experts said.


The server is a computer, but this computer is a bit large: CPU is bigger than us, the hard disk is larger than us, the memory is more than us. Because what it deals with is not one person’s data, but a hundred of millions of people’s data. “Cloud storage” is such a giant “hard disk”.


What is the relationship between “cloud computing” and it? “It’s just like there are many books in a giant library, but how quickly to judge and find a certain book, you need a smart system to calculate,” the 360 ​​security experts believed so. The library is the “cloud storage”, and this system to find the book is one corner of “cloud computing”.


Han Yuchen, Brand Manager of the cool disk used another analogy: When there is a table or a luggage rack in a house, we call it office; but if this room is full of drawers and luggage rack, we should call it storing house. “Cloud storage is an application of cloud computing, but the emphasis of the two is different.”


In accordance with the theory of utility grid, future enterprises can obtain powerful computing power in a few minutes just by giving money to cloud computing suppliers: to obtain cloud computing power in aspects of sales, customer relationship management and finance. Individual users also do like this, and all of the local storage, computing will be transferred to the “cloud” to complete.

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