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Advantages of Hosting Your Own Blog Over Using Free Service

Advantages of Hosting Your Own Blog Over Using Free Service

The various advantages offered by blogging over traditional web 1.0 style website makes it increasingly popular. Through blogging the author can communicate with his readers by just creating web pages that they can read and comment on. Besides that, it is also a brilliant way to drive traffic to a main web page that is made to generate sales.

Is Blogger Really Worth It?

Blogger is a well known blogging service that is provided by Google. Anyone can create their own blog with their desired URL i.e [their name] What very special about blogger is that it is absolutely free and this makes starting a blog and adding content to it very easy.

Why Blogger Isn’t Perfect?

Do not get me wrong here, Blogger is great but there is one problem with it. All the time you invest in promoting it can only help your blogspot website. Let say suddenly you decide to use your own URL, e.g All the effort you put into marketing the blogspot website is now wasted. And because of that, you are bound to the blogger service and their blogger domain name.

What are the benefits of your own blog?

The most important benefit of using your own paid blog hosting over free blog service is that you get to keep all the energy you put into marketing your blog. Besides that you will have full freedom and control over your website function, domain name and the direction of your website traffic. Everything you do in your domain belongs to you compared to Blogger where all your effort belongs to Blogger.

Besides that you also have full freedom to control every aspect of your web page. You can control your website through special panel provided by the hosting provider. Furthermore, your hosting provider is likely to provide you with more bandwidth, disk space, email services, databases and so on.

Are you looking for a reliable web host? 2 millions have hosted their websites with Host Gator and that really provides a strong proof on how good they are. Perhaps you need to read this review for more evidence on their quality.

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