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Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Services in India

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Services in India

It is a fact that business houses hire web designers for designing their website efficiently in order to attract customers from round the globe. In addition to that, business houses also resort to internet for business exposure, and carefully select their web hosting services. Today, there is a diverse range of web hosting service providers offering various solutions catering to your various requirements.

Dedicated hosting services today are very expensive than that of the hosting services offered as a single server to an individual on rent. Today, dedicated servers are more in demand and it helps the businesspersons to carry on their business successfully. It is especially more helpful for those websites that has a high volume internet traffic. Additionally, it helps an individual in business expansion in multiple ways.

Today there are eminent companies offering dedicated servers in India that provides a comprehensive multi-server solution to their clients and users. Their management and hardware services will allow you to reap in the benefits at a less monthly expense. Notable servers used by these service providers include Sun, HP, IBM and Dell. Furthermore, the services cover Linux and Windows based hosting, that uses high-branded servers, a 24 x 7 NOC and helpdesk, and a top quality customer-centric SLA.

Dedicated hosting services in India are generally apt for organizations aiming to host dedicated mail servers, dedicated web servers, database servers, dedicated applications, live streaming, corporate extranets and intranets, broadcast machines and many others. Other benefits that the enterprises can avail the dedicated hosting services in India are as follows:-

* High end data centers that are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure

* There are dedicated account representatives

* There is screaming fast connectivity along with gigabit backbones

* There is a wide range of managed service portfolio that the customers can choose from

* Multiple last mile connectivity

* There are customizable plans (Customers need to modify their server specifications, bandwidth or managed services)

* Complete 24×7 assistance

* Top class Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

* Unmatched services lead to happy customers and strong customer relationships

* Unmatched industry credentials

Leading dedicated hosting server offer absolute freedom and security to their users with their innovative disaster recovery services that help in business continuity. 

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