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Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Services in India

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Services in India

With the advent of the VPS server, dedicated hosting has become increasingly popular in the past few years. So what are the features that the users can expect from the dedicated web hosting services? In a nutshell, these services offers the end users with their own web hosting environment that remains distinguished from other users. Majority of dedicated hosting solutions are able to offer the users a choice between the dedicated server as well as VPS server hosting. The VPS servers are more suited for the user’s that have a restricted budget and does not provide the users with a comprehensive dedicated web hosting platform. On the other hand a dedicated server is especially apt if the user has a high budget capacity. Here the resources are accessible in a wide manner and is essential to fulfill the needs of a huge business.

Dedicated Hosting Services in India

In India there are numerous managed service providers offering new age dedicated hosting services. From a single web server to a complete multi-server solution, dedicated hosting solutions offers the management and hardware services that is required at a very low monthly expense. The servers used strictly belong to Dell, IBM, Sun, and HP with the updated Nehalem processors. Furthermore, these services also cover Linux and Widows based hosting, by utilizing a high-quality branded servers, with a helpdesk that is active 24 x7 and high-end customer centric SLA. Other services and benefits offered are listed below:-

* Zero capital expenditure

* Zero hidden fees

* High-end Data Centers equipped with state-of-the-art Infrastructure

* Multiple last mile connectivity

* Complete 24×7 assistance

* Screaming quick connectivity with gigabit backbones

* Users have options for customizable plans as their convenience

* There is a wide range of managed service portfolio to choose from

* There are dedicated account representatives

* Unparallel Industry credentials

* Leads to happy customers and strong bonds

However to conclude dedicated hosting services is essential in fulfilling business as well as individual needs that have intricate expectations of web hosting and require something that would ensure them security and consistent without any concessions.


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