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Cloud Computing Companies ? Some tips for avoiding the wrong ones

Cloud Computing Companies ? Some tips for avoiding the wrong ones

For some strange reason, cloud computing is under severe criticism, and has been vehemently overlooked for a long time. Perhaps the companies engaged in this business have failed to make a lasting impression. On the other hand, cloud computing companies like Acquia and Terremark have managed to cause a stir with their offerings. Experts suggest that it is all about making the right choice. The right company can do wonders for your business while the wrong one can make you bite the dust. Therefore, it is important to avoid choosing the wrong company. The following tips might come in handy while making a choice:

Do not overlook the reputation – Companies like AWS (read: Amazon Web Services) and Terremark have been serving the industry for a decent time, and have succeeded in proving their mettle. It is advisable to opt for a reputable firm, and avoid choosing an unknown one. A firm that is not known to many might not have the potential to deliver the desired results.


Do not be oblivious of the services – Most of the reputable cloud computing companies offer a broad spectrum of services for websites as well as client-side applications. It is important that you are aware of these services as ignorance is not necessarily bliss. Your awareness can prevent from choosing the wrong company.


Do not ignore your requirements – Almost every business strives to expand its horizons, and manage its growth. It is advisable to not to choose a firm that cannot help you in scaling new heights of success.


Be aware of the latest technologies – Cloud hosting might have caused a stir but there are not many companies that offer this service using the latest technological platform. Of course, there are some exceptions (read: firms like Terre mark et al) that are known to use an advanced and robust platform for this purpose. It is better to avoid a firm that doesn’t fall into the category of exceptions.


Do not overlook innovation – A firm that cannot come up some innovative solutions might do more harm than good, and should be avoided at any cost. Innovation is your gateway to success.


Do not let flexibility take a back seat – It is certainly true that cloud hosting is all about using the most appropriate technology for performing a specific task. However, flexibility should always be at the helm of affairs, and no sacrifice should be made in terms of speed or end-to-end reliability.

The author has the experience in cloud hosting. Here the author has discussed about the points to attention when choosing cloud computing companies.

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