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Cloud Hosted Exchange 2010 Email and Blackberry Enterprise

Cloud Hosted Exchange 2010 Email and Blackberry Enterprise

Many business women and men work with Blackberry mobile phones as they offer you a large number of collaboration capabilities. Several users don’t use their Blackberry devices to their fullest extent, because of the fact that they sometimes would not have a Microsoft Exchange Server, or they just don’t have Blackberry Enterprise Software.

Blackberry Enterprise software is a reasonably resource hungry software suite and often will be extremely difficult to install. Once your Blackberry device is connected with Microsoft Exchange via Blackberry Enterprise it is a extremely powerful collaboration tool. With instant access to e-mail, contacts, appointments and tasks you can keep up to date with your active work schedule.

A great number of Blackberry users do not have a Microsoft Exchange server and therefore are unable to utilize these kind of wonderful features. Nonetheless, in today’s world of cloud computing services there is a cost efficient method of accessing the many business targeted features of the Blackberry Device. Hosted Microsoft Exchange services are quite inexpensive and now with AUS-IP’s SecurXchange supporting Blackberry devices, you will not only take advantage of all the features of Microsoft Exchange for just a modest monthly cost, additionally you can integrate your Blackberry device implementing SecurXchange’s managed Blackberry Enterprise service.

Setting up your Blackberry device when utilizing a hosted Exchange environment such as SecurXchange is simple and quick. Easily and quickly setup your Hosted Exchange 2010 account, effortlessly import all your pre-existing e mail information straight into Outlook and activate your Blackberry device using the activation e mail delivered to you. It could hardly be easier. You can have your Blackberry mobile synchronised with all of your email data within minutes.

If you decide to setup your Blackberry device with all these functions employing your own IT equipment and support personnel, it will take days maybe even many weeks to purchase, install and configure ones own exchange server. Following that installing, configuring and activating your own Blackberry Enterprise software would certainly take, at best, another few hours. Your entire process has at this time hit you up for at least $ 10,000 and you’ve got a whole lot more hardware and software that your company must pay to service and manage.

There’s a lot of benefits of using your Blackberry device to its maximum, yet in many instances it truly is cost prohibitive. However using a hosted Microsoft Exchange service with hosted Blackberry Enterprise services, provides you with the whole set of added benefits without having the price and headache of putting together your own IT system.

It ought to be a fairly easy decision.
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