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Remarkable new service to offer instant provisioning of hosted cloud services

Remarkable new service to offer instant provisioning of hosted cloud services

Businesses are being gifted to implement all their email and application asks utilising an effortless web browser portal on whatever device, anywhere. From, firms can buy and immediately employ Hosted Exchange Mailbox, Hosted SharePoint, VoIP Phone Systems or a complete Virtual Desktop running Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Steven Fenn, CEO stated, “This is a remarkable new service that turns the Cloud Computing market upside down. Whilst first generation Cloud hosting services have needed consultation with sales and engineering staff, V-Cloud Professional turns over the full power of our cloud infrastructure over to the user. This allows firms who are seeking to accommodate to the pace and dynamism of business nowadays to utilise highly resilient virtual machines for their workforce, and creates a fresh era of flexibility.”

Care of in-house email and application servers can be daunting and very pricey. But with hosted email and apps the entire process turns painless, so that all you have to do is login, customise and start. You also save money as you only need to pay for the resources that you really require.

Business applications have always been expensive, especially in times like these, making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to compete. That’s why we have created V-Cloud Professional, a multi-tenanted price-per-user platform which gives small businesses a chance. The way this works is, instead of running apps yourself, they run in our data centre. This makes it fast to get started and costs you less. You don’t need servers and storage or an IT team to keep everything up and running. Then when you use an app in the Cloud you just login, customise and begin. Your apps are more scalable, more secure and more reliable as you don’t need a copy of an app for every department using it, just one app which is flexible enough for everyone to customise for their own specific needs. You can setup the applications that you need, when you need, and there’s always room for more.

We guarantee the security and resilience of your software combined with a 99.999% uptime SLA and 24/7 HelpDesk Support. Whether you’re steadily shaping the foundations of a new enterprise or you have a fast-growing business that requires security, resilience and flexibility, we can deliver an IT solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT setup.

Commensus aid clients to save money with innovative Cloud IT solutions. They oversee a geographically replicated VMware ESX Enterprise system designed for the FTSE 500 but scaled to be inexpensive for the small to medium sized business. This is supported by unrivalled technical support and a 99.999% uptime SLA. Commensus also assist clients for solutions like Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting, VoIP Phone Systems, Exchange Mailbox, Hosted SharePoint, Virtual Desktop.

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