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Domain Name Relevance in Website

Domain Name Relevance in Website

Before some years back the online ranking was largely affected by domain names selection. Earlier nearly all domain had .com extension at the end, but now the people are more interested in knowing the statistical details of the websites they are surfing. It does not imply that website’s name is not important, but it has its own relevance up to certain extent. Many people have the query regarding the role of domain names when a website is flipped.

The role of domain name of a website having good keywords is quite limited. Its effect on the ranking is not much, so flipping a website based on its domain name is not a bright idea. Instead you can purchase a website with certain seals. Main thing that needs to be taken care of while buying a website is, by checking the history of the amount of traffic been generated in the past and amount of sale done in past. When a website is created by its owner they can do it according to their liking. Here proper keyword of your choice can be used for creating the domain name for your brand.

If you wish that people remember your website and have positive market name than it should have some good keywords of importance. But going overboard in putting up keywords in the domain name, makes it harder for the people to remember it. Experts advice to keep the use of keywords in domain names 3-4 words maximum so that it can be easily recalled. In case you want to create a website that can be flipped, than it is not advisable to invest money by buying premium domain name at higher rates.

One can also find websites’ domain names that are non-premium and old, but they can be purchased at fair deals from auction domain names websites.

A domain name that has been used in the past can fetch you some web traffic initially for your portal. If searched properly, you can find some effective deals online where domain names are related to keywords. They can be used to link to a single website, create various blogs or sites and to relate them mutually.

At the end of the day it does not matter how good a domain name is, but how much web traffic have it managed to get for your website. Choose decent and relevant domain names for your website and company.

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