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Hosting Services and Reselling Web Hosting

Hosting Services and Reselling Web Hosting

“Hosting reselling is store front for a web hosting company that owns the servers, and host websites through them. The hosting company is the one who provides the physical machinery and the technical support for updates and repair. They are the ones who will repair any problems with the hardware or software that is connected to the server.

A reseller will buy hosting services from the company and resell the services to their own buyers. Some hosting companies give you your own section of the server to sell, while others provide accounts from the host for resell.

The first step in finding the right hosting company is to determine who you want to resell the services to. Knowing who your clients are is a vital step every new salesman must take before investing in a business.

Complete research is necessary when it comes to determining your hosting partner as well. Never base this decision on price alone. You need a hosting server that offers great customer service 24/7 by telephone or email at least.

Many web hosts provide a choice in control panels to help you and your clients to easily learn how to create their own emails and other tasks.

When searching for a web host be sure to ask them how many different domain names you can host in a single package. Have them explain the features and products their server offers. Make sure that the hosting server provides packages that are simple for customers to easily install simple common applications such as blogs or forums.

Obviously you want to be concerned with what types of payment plans they offer. Commonly people who are in the hosting reselling industry oversell. Overselling is when you offer clients a specific amount of space per account, but then sale more accounts than you have space for. This is common because it is a fact that most clients use only a fraction of their space.

Once you know what type of hosting services you will offer you have to determine your own pricing and terms of service.”

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