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Impact Of Web Design On Web Hosting

Impact Of Web Design On Web Hosting

Web design and web hosting should be compatible to each other. There various tools and techniques are used in web designing. The usual process of web hosting or external web hosting is not only one method. In many web design tools have inbuilt method of hosting as an optional. It means the designed web pages can be hosted directly from the tool. Content management systems have a special segment of web hosting feature that leverage the host to host the web pages from the content management system. The different web design tools have different capability of providing web features, example, page creation, text, graphics, audio and video, animations, navigation, ecommerce optimization, search optimization etc. While hosing web pages, the host needs to understand the background of the content development method and impact on web hosting.

The web design tools are plenty in market. You must know the compatibility and impact of the basic tools such as HTML page creator/editors like Dreamweaver, Adobe Golive (editor for Macs and Windows), Flash, Webber a WYSISYG editors, NVU, Frontpage, Joomla etc. The CSS and template designer editors Topstyle, Style Master, CGI programming in Perl should be compatible with web hosting. Graphics tools: Photoshop, FreeHand Illustration, Paint Shop Pro, Image Optimizer, Canoma (photos to a wireframe model), Web Hotspots for static and animated are in the market. The host can test whether all compatible with the web hosting technology they have.

Audio video tools – Livestage QuickTime format, MODPlug Software – program for background music and jukeboxes on Web pages, MovieWorks QuickTime movies on a Mac, Media Cleaner (converting and compressing movies), RealSystem Streaming media from the experts. Shoutcast server is required for broadcast streaming MP3s from your server to Winamp users around the world. Runs on Windows, Unix, Linux and other platforms. Multimedia and animation done by Flash, Ozzino Studio – web pages to come alive with exciting animated interactive java applets, Texter -for text animation Java applets are useful but need to be tested if work fine. Database management and data mining MYSQL for the website should be matching to the desired functions.

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