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Improve Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability with Quoting Software

Improve Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability with Quoting Software

Inaccurate estimates, tracking problems, late delivery and overrun budgets are headaches you don’t want in your job orders and production cycles.  With an effective job costing system, you need not fear these problems anymore.  Thanks to technology, cost estimating or quoting software becomes available for manufacturing, construction and other industries.

United Gear has acknowledged how a cost estimating software helps boost their ability to quote faster and more consistently accurate.  “…it has allowed us to carve a substantial portion of the waste out of our previously existing cost estimating processes and has made us a far more nimble, agile company,” said Aaron Harrison, Manager of Product Estimating at United Gear.  Fujitsu America also believes in the valuable contribution of a cost estimating software to their company’s efficiency, as expressed by Bipin Badani, chief information officer at Fujitsu America, in his statement, “…has helped Fujitsu America reduce quote approval time from weeks to minutes and has allowed our sales team and channel partners to operate more autonomously and effectively, … we have unprecedented agility and flexibility to execute our multi-channel business strategies.”

How a Job Costing System Software Works

If you’re wondering what a job costing system can do for you and your business, then these features and benefits may help you see how it can work towards better productivity, efficiency and customer service for your company.  This list shows that quoting software is a valuable and strategic asset to your company’s production and decision-making teams.

It’s designed to track costs of a job when each product or service is considered as a separate or independent job.
It’s used when the clients’ requirements are unique, whether it’s a new project, addition to a manufactured item, or professional services.
It’s able to record each job’s costs of labour and materials and time allocation.
It allows better planning for scheduling of tasks across different cost centres and deploying of staff according to budget.
It allows evaluation of completed tasks in terms of hours, quantity and cost.
It provides a real-time view of the work in progress.
It provides accurate calculation and cost projection for client quotations and billing.
It allows better labour planning and overtime control.
It’s easy to access and update information through custom reports.
It supports management accounting functions.
It provides accurate information because it recalculates and updates all related databases every time new relevant data is entered into the system.
It allows you to evaluate the job areas that are costly or cost-saving and biggest winners or losers.
It identifies the most profitable jobs you should take and your company’s strong areas you can capitalise.
It allows you to see the weak areas you need to work on or pass to someone else.

When the number of projects increases, it gets more tedious and expensive to manually calculate the per-job or per-project financials.  What’s worse, it’s very prone to human errors.  With the help of a job costing system, you get an accurate custom report of each job you do.  Global Job Solutions have helped various manufacturers, engineers and builders with the innovation of a flexible, highly adaptive and specifically designed job costing software, the Job Commander, which has the ability to manage, schedule, report and analyse all aspects of the production cycle, making it essential and invaluable to many companies in different industries.

Global Job Solutions

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