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MLM Leads System Pro Versus Sponsor Daddy Review

MLM Leads System Pro Versus Sponsor Daddy Review

MLM Leads System Pro created by Brian Fanale is a powerful system used by many network marketers as their self-funded proposal. As a way to bridge the gap between the cross-recruiting haze that normally occurs between two network marketers, the system focuses and teaches to target just network marketers and thus is only compatible for that niche

Sponsor Daddy is another system created by Naxum that allows network marketers to both use it as a self-funded proposal for network marketers as well as for non-network marketers. This review will try to make an analytical discussion between the two and review which one may work better for your needs.

MLM Leads System Pro has a lot of training in its back office and many satisfied customers. Many people are generating leads, and really growing a fairly sizable downline through it. It is powerful no doubt and the training very beneficial. When you join MLM Leads System Pro though you will have to eventually create your own capture pages to brand you, as well as sign up and learn how to use an autoresponder

This will have to be something your whole downline does. And it can be a struggle to help them out if they choose a different service, or to even learn how to setup the capture page. And they will have to tackle the ideas of “You Inc” and really build their brand before they start seeing much traction growing their way.

The other system, Sponsor Daddy, has many differences in comparison to MLM Leads System Pro. One of the biggest differences is that you can actually use it to prospect non-network marketers as well. This is a very valuable idea, since the reasoning behind MLM Lead System Pro targeting just network marketers is because network marketers already believe in the idea and they do not have any real objections that need to be overcome.

Sponsor Daddy also offers the personal branding of allowing you to have your own capture pages, auto responders, a social networking profile and opportunity showcase all already built in the system. This makes everything much more plug and play. You can also build your own capture pages and autoresponders and plug them into the Sponsor Daddy system to use the advanced technologies Naxum has put together.

Though MLM Lead Systems Pro offers much more training in terms of marketing online, it also offers less ability to duplicate fast and simple. Which is a major part of the game in terms of MLM. In the Sponsor Daddy System you can use passwords on your custom-built capture pages and auto-responders and pass them to your downline. They simply enter the password and they have access to the exact same tools you were using completely ready-to-go with no-hassle.

There is a lot to be said for no-hassle. Either way, whether you choose MLM Leads System Pro or Sponsor Daddy you will need to learn how to market these systems to the best effect to ultimately grow your downline. Through the powers of forum marketing, blogging, PPC or whatever other medium you wish to master marketing in.

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