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The Differences between Web Design Quotes and Budgets

The Differences between Web Design Quotes and Budgets


The main differences between the terms “quotes” and “budgets” are quite obvious.  A quote is what is generated and given to the perspective clients, while budget is what is being set on the client side and provided to the service provider.

In web design, these two terms often times become the constant war between a webdeveloper and his perspective client.

When a business owner becomes interested in web site development design services, they tend to first do a search in Google, surf around and look at web design portfolios, pick a couple they think that are closest to what they want to develop and give them a call. 

The initial phone conversation with a web design firm includes the questions on schedule and fees.  Most part perspective web design clients are interested in knowing whether they can afford the service rather than if the firm is capable of delivery a web design project in a certain timeframe. 

Interestingly enough almost every other perspective website design Los Angeles clients describe they would like the new project up and running “yesterday” which indicates schedule could be a main concern – though nowadays, due to local economic confusions and “occupy wall street” seasons, business owners tend to be careful what kinds of budgets they set, or say, for marketing. 

Often times, their budgets change based on the quotes given, in order to save the resources that might be useful at a later time.  Therefore, it’s a constant war between web firms and business owners: “what’s your budget?”, “we can’t set a budget because we don’t know how much it typically costs”.

From a prestige web design firm’s standpoint, the main differences between a web design quote and a budget lie beneath only one thing: scope of work. 

In our next chapter “Web Design Quotes and Budgets (Part 2), we will discuss some of the scenarios – what website you need, what you might want and whether you should ask for a quote or set a budget first.

Skygate Media, located in Fairfield County CT and New York City, provides web solutions since 2006.  Check out their high end web design website here.  Stay tune for the next important segment – should you insist on getting a quote or should you set up a budget for your company’s 2012 (even 2013) marketing expenses.

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