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The History Of The Cpanel

The History Of The Cpanel

John Nick Koston, the original author of the cPanel, was the owner of Speed Hosting. He created the cPanel as a control panel for his company but soon merged with another company, Web King. Back then, the only people who had access to a cPanel were the people who hosted with Virtual Development Inc. This came about as a result of an agreement between John Nick and VDI.

Cpanel 3 And The Web Panel

The original cPanel was modified and upgraded to cPanel 3which apparently did not have a very good user interface hence defeat the purpose of even having one. Things became better when Carlos Rego made a default theme for the cPanel. Before the creation of this theme, Carlos was working at Wizards Hosting. Unfortunately, internal wrangles between VDI and John Nick caused a rift and the agreement was broken. The result was that cPanel split into two; the web panel and the cpanel. ¬†The web panel was the VDI version while the cPanel was John Nick’s version. However VDI’s product didn’t last long since with John’s departure, its head programmer had left too. John continued working on it and joined one more company, Burst Net, before ditching employment to focus on cPanel.

Cpanel As It Is Today

Now, cPanel is a large corporation based in Texas USA with several offices in Houston. Its president is none other than its founder John Nick Koston who couples up as its director on fillings. He built this company and has watched it grow through several years of hard work. This corporation works day after day to ensure that it gives the best services available for control panels. It gives its clients several fron tends for many daily operations including managing mail and FTP accounts, Contrab tasks and mailing lists among others.

Cpanel Installers And Add Ons

This panel has a number of commercial add ons like Softaculous, Simple scripts, Fantastico, WHMSonic and Installation. Automatic installers are scripts that automate the updating and installing of web applications including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, WHMCS and Geeklog. Even though fantastic is a commonly used installer, it is quickly losing an audience. This has been caused by the frequent lack of updates and it has few available scripts.

Cpanel Software

There is some software that is managed independently of the main operating system (OS). These software apply automatic upgrades and updates to MySQL databases, PHP and Apache alongside other software packages. This move ensures that the above packages are constantly up to date while making it increasingly difficult to install newer versions.

The cPanel has grown over the years to become the global platform used by several hosting companies. It is very easy to set up a website using cPanel and navigation along the panel is also very quick. The automatic updates are another plus for the cPanel along with the available wizards and video tutorials make it suitable for all kinds of people. I guess John Nick would be proud to know that with cPanel even a newbie can become a pro.

To get the best out of cpanel, you require to engage the one of the most competent cpanel hosting providers. They are many that you can choose from and you therefore require to do a thorough research before settling on any particular one.

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