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The Unknown Person on the Web – WHOIS

The Unknown Person on the Web – WHOIS

The internet world is virtual, not realistic. So most of the time, most of the people whether they are bloggers, writers, webmasters, gamers or even entrepreneurs are using a fake ID. Are you one of them among the all? Even though, a fake ID or particular is being used, there is always a way of finding out the truth. One can never hide from the truth.

We deal with a lot of people already most of the time in the realistic world, so most of the people find it comfortable by not revealing the true self of them to the others. However, an internet tools named WHOIS can check out the registration of a domain. By doing so, the true identity of the particular person will be reveal. The one behind the domain will have to register their details such as name, address, email address, phone number and etc in order for them to register for a domain. Such details can be access by anyone using the WHOIS internet tools, so how much security one will be in this virtual world you might start to questions.

In order to prevent some person directly getting your particular or details in a direct way, there is a so called private domain registration in replace your personal details with a registrar’s information instead. Of course there is a price to pay for this kind of service which will cost you more than a normal registration of a domain. But it is worth the money to secure your privacy.

Internet marketing is getting the trend nowadays. A good name for a domain will certainly give a better chance in succession of online business marketing. So, before one is register for a domain, he or she will need a good name for her or his domain. This might as well ensure the traffic driven to his or her domain in the future.

You can always pick a fancy name for all the internet publications but when it comes to an official dealing or serious matters always use your real name to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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