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VPS Web Hosting and Best Control Panels

VPS Web Hosting and Best Control Panels

VPS provides a lot of options to select from in creating adventures for your website. Alternatives can vary and be directed to your particular needs. It is best to conduct many researches about the different kinds of control panels so that you will be aware of their importance in conformity with your needs. Take note that the Linux VPS control panel will require more interface that is text based compared to the Window VPS.

As of this time, there are primarily two managed options accessible such as the cPanel/WHM and the Parallels Plesk.  The former type will be your option if you are dealing with Linux and the latter if you decide to have Windows. These two are extensively used on the various operating systems. Windows, however, has just launched the Enkompass control panel, but unfortunately, this is not accessible to all the clients. Certainly, when this kind of control panel will gain more popularity, more VPS web hosting companies will offer it to their users. If you want to use unmanaged control panels, consider also using Webmin, Virtualmin or perhaps Cloudmin. This is largely influenced by the kind of set up of your preference.

The cPanel/WHM is most probably the most famous control panel. It is a combination of two programs. The cPanel deals with the owners who are taking control of their websites while the WHM computerizes the tasks for the server management intended for the server administrators. In combination, this control panel will make the tasks easier and will allow their consumers to handle their personal accounts.

On the other hand, Parallel Plesk can be available for both Linux and Windows although, it is often used in Windows. Simplicity is usually associated with this kind of control panel because there is only one login destination in contrast to cPanel/WHM. There are various logins for easy access to the administrators, clients, owners of domains, resellers and users of mail.  Plesk has made it a point to step up with their function in order to match the extensive of cPanel/WHM.

The Enkompass has basically the same company with cPanel and has the same features and options f cPanel, too. The difference lies, however, on cPanel being used more for Linux. Sharing the same features will permit users with cPanel experience to have an easy shift to Enkompass interface.  Likewise, you can also upgrade the account you have with Enkompass if you feel there is a need to integrate more consumers to the server. There are also other control panels which could be of use for both Window and Linux. These include the helm control panel and the HSP complete. Helm control panel which will make the process of uploading easier while the HSP complete is perfectly suitable for the amateurs.

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