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Why PHP MySQL Development?

Why PHP MySQL Development?

Businesses are always on a constant lookout for technology oriented solution that can encompass their business requirements in both ways i.e., quality and pricing. And looking at the current economic scenario, when it comes to web, web application or software development requirement most of the businesses now prefer to choose open source platform rather than opting for Microsoft. The reason is quite simple that is quality solution with in-budget pricing. This is one of the reasons that why most of the businesses prefer to choose PHP MySQL development to encircle their needs.


Personal Home page or Hypertext Processor or commonly known as PHP is an open source scripting language designed to develop dynamic websites, web pages and web applications. On the other hand My Sequel or MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management System (RDMS) that works as a server and provides multiple user access to numerous databases. Together, PHP MySQL are considered as the core of open source platform.


Offshore software development companies and web design and development companies always thrive to provide excellent quality solutions to their clients. A professional software development company has vast knowledge on both open source and Microsoft technologies. Such a company is equipped with a scalable team of PHP MySQL developers and programmers who has the years of experience and expertise in successfully executing numerous projects for PHP MySQL development. It’s obvious that these two cores of open source technology, PHP and MySQL is the key that allows these developers and software development companies to design exclusive quality solutions for websites, webs services and web applications.


Below is a little brief on both:


PHP – PHP is one of the most preferred open source scripting languages used by over 20 million websites and over 1 million web servers all around the world. With the initial release of PHP version 1, it has been constantly updated since then to ensure that it is able to offer the cutting edge solution. Its current version is PHP 5.3.6. It comprises seamless benefits and provides superb flexibility to the developers. Besides, it can integrate several other frameworks and programming disciples such as Java, Ajax, C, C++ and various other technologies. More importantly it proves to be the cost effective solution, offering quick deployment and quality solutions.


MySQL – As discussed earlier, MySQL is an open source relational database management system that works as a server offering multiple user access to numerous databases. It has played a notable role in serving World Wide Web and empowers websites such as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. It can be integrated in various other open source scripting languages and frameworks including Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, Drupal, PHP, etc.


Together, PHP MySQL development has always offered great solutions for websites, web applications and web services. Ranging from dynamic websites to social networking, community portals to online catalogues, ecommerce solutions to photo galleries, industry specific applications to content management systems and much more; together, PHP MySQL development has always comprised all these requirements by offering premium quality solutions.


Some of the major advantages of PHP MySQL Development


Being an open source technology it proves to be the cost effective solution.
Seamless flexibility, along with quick deployment of any given project.
Can be integrated with various other frameworks and programming disciples.
Offers safe and secure solutions.
No need to buy special licenses to perform the development work.
Large user data base.
And much more…

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