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Windows Web Hosting Reviews- Aces of Windows Hosting

Windows Web Hosting Reviews- Aces of Windows Hosting

Among the several deciding factors for selecting a web hosting company, operating system plays a vital role. The operating system decides what kind of databases to support and the type of scripts to run. There are three types of operating systems – Linux, Unix and Windows. In this article, we will discuss Windows web hosting reviews.

Windows web hosting utilizes Microsoft’s Windows software to host a website on the Internet. Windows operating system supports MySQL server database and allows ASP scripts that utilizes .NET and Microsoft technologies. It offers a user-friendly interface to create websites compatible with Microsoft products and the simplicity of building websites via point-and-click system rather versatile languages.

CoolHandle has been serving in this arena since 2001. The company offers Windows Basic, Medium and Premium plans that support latest software in addition to all-time favourites- Python, PHP5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, FrontPage and Fanastico. The Windows hosting packages start at $ 6.95 and contain e-commerce and multi-media capabilities.


Arvixe offers the latest in Windows hosting – ASP .NET, while supporting versatile scripts, one-click applications, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and MySQL databases. Subscribers receive 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 customer and technical support, instant and automatic website set up, free website transfer, DotNetControl Panel, discounts for returning clients and60-day money-back guarantee. The company has been servicing millions of global customers, since 2003. With a plan as low as $ 5/month you can enjoy the windows hosting benefits and much more.


1&1 Hosing arrived on the scene in 1998, today they sell like hot cakes in the UK and US. Depending on the plan chosen by the subscriber, the company provides up to five domain names free! Their Microsoft Home Package plan ($ 4.99) supports 120 GB web space and 1,200 GB bandwidth. Additionally, the plan supports ASP web-based application and MS Access database. Easy to use control panel, allow subscribers to conveniently manage and control every aspect of their website, without technical assistance. with over 50,000 customers across 170 countries has been providing hosting solutions for blogs, e-commerce, forums and plain websites storing extensive graphical and text files. Their plans are neatly divided into Premium Windows Hosting ($ 9.34) and Professional Windows Hosting ($ 18.71). Each offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space with reliable Cisco network equipments and DELL servers. A 30-day money back guarantee is an added bonus.

We sincerely hope that our Windows web hosting review has served its innate purpose – help you make an informed decision.

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