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Advantages of an Aged Domain Name

Advantages of an Aged Domain Name

Advantages of an Aged Domain Name:

The primary advantage of an aged domain name is that you can promote your new domain much harder without worrying about getting too many links to it which could negatively affect a brand new domain name.

Most important to keep in mind when buying a aged domain

Research on internet with every possible way that the domain is not penalized by Google and other search engine, whenever some seller selling cheap aged domain, be careful when buying cheap domain offer

A perfectly picked word micro-niche domain name with a top ranking TLD dot com, This top level domain name is easy to spell and easy to remember. You could easily convert this into a recognizable brand and long lasting business name.

Domain Age Defined:

Registration Date – the most recent date the domain’s WHOIS record shows an ownership change

Site Established Date – the most recent date the domain, in its current form, went live.

Google Domain Age – the first date Google crawled and indexed the website.

For auction transparency we clearly define, both, our calculation and claim of offering an aged domain.

SEO experts search for aged domains when building niche websites for a valuable jump start in SERP placement. Many aged domains already have established incoming back-links, indexed pages and authority.

Oftentimes when an aged domain is picked up and built quickly it immediately has traffic and PR from prior keywords, text links and video links. It’s not uncommon to build a new website on a dropped or auction aged domain and from the first day see traffic.

For this reason, when good aged domain names drop there are literally hundreds of SEO experts competing to be the first to register the domain name just seconds after it drops. This is an aged domain name and highly valuable.

As you can see domain name from its first creation date, Google has been visiting this domain for years so it already has online trust and indexes very quickly.

Any SEO marketing techniques you use will be picked up almost instantaneously by all three major search engines. This aged domain name will give your website a vital boost in marketing.

Determine Aged Domain Name Only Appraisal value

As you can see these are very profitable keywords that will pay dividends once you achieve top positions for them. Even if you just target the long tail keywords you’ll enjoy a good source of income from your website visitors.

We have been questioned by most buyers for many times what keyword analysis software used to produce best results.

SEMRUSH and highly recommend their service. While there are other tools that do the same job, you need proxies, time and patience. With SEMrush You find results as fast as you can enter keywords or competitor URLs. When you’re serious about keyword or competitor research this is the tool to have.

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