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Best Website Hosting Companies

Best Website Hosting Companies

Choosing a hosting company can be a daunting task for many people who are faced with so many choices on the Internet. Website hosting companies not only store websites but also important information like credit card numbers, and sensitive data, so it is crucial for a business or even an individual to choose a hosting company with the best services. In my opinion, there are five key services that website hosting companies should provide.

Stability and reliability

Stability and reliability should be two important parts of a website hosting company. An excess of web sites on a server can dramatically impair the bandwidth as well as the stability of a system. A good hosting company will have around 200 to 300 websites per server compared with mediocre ones allowing 1000+ websites per server. This increases the risk of frequent hardware failures of the servers and also diminishes the download’s speed of the website on the client side.


The third service that a hosting company should provide is security. Internet use is expanding at a staggering rate every day with more and more people using the Internet as a tool to access critical data. It should be a top priority for web hosting companies to prevent hackers from gaining access to your website to alter it or steal your private information. A good company should have the best firewall installed with a good monitoring system and should perform regular backups of all their servers. Make sure that the host company that you plan to use has all the adequate security measures in order to protect your site from hackers.

Technical support

Like any other good company, efficient technical support should also be a priority. Companies should not wait for servers to go down in order to react, but instead, they should take preventive actions to avoid failures of their systems. Sensitive components should be replaced periodically and software should also be updated regularly for security matters, and in order to optimize functionality of their servers. Clients should be able to contact the technical support at any time by phone or even by a chat service system. Make sure that you are choosing a host company with excellent technical support.


Communication is also an important service that hosting companies should provide. Any good business should communicate with its client about scheduled maintenance or problems that may have occurred. Clients should not be kept in the dark about problems, and it’s the responsibility of the hosting company to keep the client informed.


If I would have to choose a hosting company, I would certainly use hostgator or lunarpage. I believe there are among the best hosting companies on the market right now. They offer excellent services which I mentioned above and will exceed the satisfaction of any business or individual. However, if you chose other hosting companies, make sure that they provide the services discussed above.

The best website hosting companies might cost more than the average, but trust me, in the long run it will pay off and save you from a lot of heartaches and frustration. Your website will be secure and accessible to everyone.

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