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Comparison Of Web Hosting Control Panels

Comparison Of Web Hosting Control Panels

A Control Panel in Web Hosting basically depicts the web based interface as provided by the web hosting company for managing hosted services like Website, Emails, Databases and so forth. Some of the widely used modules in a majority of control panels include access to server logs, email accounts configuration, details of used and available disk space and bandwidth, maintenance of FTP users’ accounts, web based file manager, managing database and visitor statistics through web log analysis software.

Some of the customer reviews about various web hosting control panels, they have been using till date, are given below.


For a completely novice player in the web hosting industry, the HostMonster panel might sound creepy as he would be dropped straight onto a cPanel once he signs up. Thus, to make things easier and simpler, they have also given a few features for the non-technical users to go through, such as tutorials and how-to videos, apart from a Search Box. So, to promote your website, you can also try adding links to places to help naive users. Advanced options like multiple logging programs, database manipulation and domain tools are present on the control panel’s main page.


Webmasters have felt most comfortable working on the HostGator control panel. The minutest things like building of domain registry into the control panel header, links to customer support system parts and giving options to webmasters on using varied website builders, makes HostGator the most promising and efficient system in the industry today. Besides, webmasters also liked its ability to set up autoresponders directly from the control panel and not the users having to upload their own third party email systems.


The advanced features of Bluehost control panel and their use of categories are widely discussed amongst webmasters. Bluehost facilitates ‘cPanel X’ to help webmasters locate all of its tools with just two-three clicks. And thus, this control panel has been very nicely executed.


A2Hosting is not just equipped with using cPanel. Owing to much of its business coming from hosting resellers and webmasters requiring VPS, A2Hosting has implemented four varied panels to cater to their individualistic needs. cPanel is used for the basic webmaster and WHM control panel has been installed to control hosting for individual owners. Furthermore, it uses HyperVM and Kloxo to deal with VPS servers, for account management and as a cPanel substitute respectively.


DirectAdmin, much known for its user-friendly interface and simplistic features, is also acknowledged for having nicely written the C/C++ code and as one of the least resource-seeking panels. It is also regarded as more stable than cPanel for having fewer bugs, a finer code and shorter list of functions. It is frequently used as a panel for shared solutions owing to its lower cost and better stability.

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