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Data Center Infrastructure Of Indian Hosting Companies

Data Center Infrastructure Of Indian Hosting Companies

The data center India facilities by hosting companies of India are very good these days and they are likely to propel India as the major destination for outsourcing in the near future. Some features of this infrastructure development, which is beneficial for providing the VPS hosting India services as well as Dedicated Server Hosting, are Cisco and Foundry components for getting rid of single point of failure, multi-homed redundant high speed carriers for fast and trustworthy connectivity of networks, redundant HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air-conditioning), power backup by diesel generators, and enough hardware support to allow for less burden of the networking so that any internet routing issues can be dealt with easily.

We can have a look at the infrastructure developed by some premium data center India facilities for various aspects of its management:-

Network Performance: Innovative methods for making use of the infrastructure of or internet network can go a long way in removing the points of congestion of the internet. The advanced techniques employed in routing along with proprietary network architecture ensure the optimization of the network for the customers.

Data Center Security: Data centers need to be isolated from everyone but the technicians managing them. Closed circuits are installed to monitor the performance of the data center round the clock. Biometric scanners and provisions of interior and exterior surveillance are used for ensuring the safety of data center equipments.

Power: Auto-switch power generators and centralized UPS systems ensure that power outages do not disturb the normal functioning of the system. Generators are also regularly tested for their ability to cope with a situation of a long power outage.

Precision Environment: There is concept in data center management which denotes the adequacy of precision environment maintenance. It is known as N+1 redundancy of the HVAC. It actually implies that a different system can immediately take over in case the current HVAC system fails to function. The server needs to be maintained at a certain temperature for their most effective functioning.

Fire Protection System: Advanced fire protection system which detects smoke to spray dousing liquid is available at quality data centers.

Network Intrusion Detection System: Potentially intrusive and hostile visitor traffic to the network need to be detected as a 24×7 imperative. Some predefined suspicious activity or patterns need to be identified for safeguarding the data center India networking facility from outright attacks or the more cunning and devious ones.

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