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Fantastico Hosting and WordPress Hosting Facts

Fantastico Hosting and WordPress Hosting Facts

Fantastico is an auto-installer for servers in the control panel that really work perfectly for PHP scripts. A lot of people engage in it because it is very easy to use and it helps them in simplifying different open source applications on different accounts for web hosting. With regard to hosting websites, it can be used for free blog installations, domain names, web spaces, traffic rate, accounts on e-mails, installation of CMS, MySQL, databases on PHP and FTP accounts. Fantastico is often run from the control panel of the website; plus it can also be installed on up to 10,000 servers.

In addition, people use Fantastico hosting because of the fact that it is very popular because aside from the fact that it is very easy to use, it is also free for everyone interested. Another thing that makes a lot of people love using it is because it has the ability to install scripts for advanced applications. It is very flexible that it integrates perfectly with almost all the types of scripts for several systems and applications. Another benefit that people can get from using Fantastico is that they do not have to go through a long adjustment period just to be able to maximize its benefits. Almost all the web hosting uses standards of Fantastico that is why it can be used in hosting different website; it is versatile that way that it can handle all the different types of web pages for it to host it properly. In addition, Fantastico has a CMS utility with Drupal, Mambo, Tiki Wiki Joonla and a lot more.

What most people love about Fantastico hosting is that it can also host different blogs like Blogsphere, b3Evolution, Nucleus and WordPress.

It is most commonly used as a WordPress hosting tool just because it is the most popular among all the blogging choices out there. It is the most popular because it has several choices of themes and templates. When Fantastico did not exist yet, those who built blogs first needed to manually install CMS on the hosting server, and then fix the database; after which, they still need to configure the PHP files to be able to properly run the blog. Just by looking at it, one would already get the impression that it was such a waste of time and hassle to host a blog. However with Fantastico, people can now easily install WordPress with at least just 3 clicks.

Another benefit that people can get from using Fantastico is that they will be able to build a very strong bond with their clients, and with Fantastico one will be provided with different applications such as PHP support tickets, customer services and live center for helping. For sure with these applications, a user will not experience any hardships trying to figure out Fantastico.

These are just some of the major reasons why people go with Fantastico without having second thoughts about it; these are just some of the things that people who are not aware of Fantastico should know about to be convinced that it is very convenient for their use.

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