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Your Website’s Domain Name

Your Website’s Domain Name

One important part of your website is your domain name. It’s a fundamental aspect that no Internet marketer should neglect, regardless of what they sell or promote. Take your time in choosing your domain name, because this is not something you want to rush. Inspire yourself, research what makes a great domain name, or you can even talk to your wife, children or friends about it. There is no greater opinion than that of your audience.

What Makes A Great Domain Name?

Although it is not necessary, it is still preferred that your URL is connected to the theme of your website. If you are promoting with Pay-per-Click ads for example, then the best domain name for that is bestptc. or if you are selling computers and computer parts, you can have a domain of compusale. Find an appropriate name for your website. Having a keyword in your domain name is helpful, but I can’t say it’s the sole basis of your page ranking.

Our online retail store (CactusCanyon) has no coordination with our theme, and is not associated with cactus or canyons. However, it has an excellent ranking. Your page rank does not depend on your domain name; it depends on a variety of things including the proper keywords and optimization. Our site has a catchy name, and very easy to say and spell too, which is also important in choosing your domain name.

Spell It First

Let’s face the fact that most of us are not good spellers. In order not to lose important customers, your domain name should be simple in a way that anyone would know how to spell it. When they are typing your website, if they misspelled it, chances are they are going to type it one more time or worse, they’ll find another website. Let’s say your last name is Dewey and you are selling pie on the Internet, and so do not make a domain name like www.deweypie. If someone hears from a friend that Dewey’s pies are fantastic, and tell them to visit at your website, how would they know how to spell it? Even if they search it, they won’t find your website because they misspelled it. A great domain name is one that could easily be spelled, typed and relayed to other people without any inconvenience.

Short Domain Names Are Best

If you have a short domain name in mind, then you are in the right direction. A domain name like may not do very good. Aside from being bad spellers, we can also be very forgetful! If you have long domain names, most likely your website won’t be remembered. eBay has a very short domain name, but it is very effective because people remember it instantly, and it can easily be spelled, typed, texted or relayed. Remember though that short domain names are hard to get, so think carefully.

Domain Endings

Most of the websites in the Internet still end with .com’s. It is best to end your domains with .com compared to .net because most web users assume that your website will end in that. If you have chosen a domain name that is already taken, don’t think about using a different domain ending or hyphens (best-ptc) since that small change can alter results dramatically. Yes, hyphens are recognized and used in websites but unless your intention in using it in your website is entirely for search engines, like in Adsense sites, you need something that will put you to an advantage, not otherwise. It’s hard to relay information to people if your domain name consists of characters like this (Hey, try to visit my site, it’s “cactus dash canyon”) That would really confuse people.

Searching and thinking of the best domain name is not an easy feat. You need to consider a lot of factors and you also need to give yourself some time. When your perfect domain name is taken, don’t give up and most of all, don’t settle for something you’re not confident and happy with. There are a lot of alternatives out there.

As soon as everything is settled, you can start your marketing campaigns to promote your site. All marketing is related to your URL, so if you have to change anything, even a one-character change, you have to repeat your marketing campaigns all over again. You’re also going to repeat saying and typing that website, so be sure before you commit yourself. That one small part of your website can contribute more than you think it can. You’re going to use it until your business is up, so choose something you’re comfortable with, and don’t forget to follow my guidelines.

Steve Weber is a certified teacher from Oklahoma who left his education career in 2007 as his online businesses grew. He now spends his time consulting with and teaching new Internet marketers how to succeed online. His website, Steve’s Classroom, contains a wide variety of videos and tutorials for building a successful Internet business.

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