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A Fair Comparison between Linux Server Hosting and Windows Server

A Fair Comparison between Linux Server Hosting and Windows Server

Whenever you go for selecting a web hosting plan these you come across mostly two types of hosting solutions; Linux and Windows based servers. While most people are of the opinion that a Linux hosting server is more secure than a Windows based server, from a neutral perspective both the servers function effectively for specific process of application. Both the hosting plans have some merits and demerits at the same time. Both of the Operating Systems offer their unique level of facilities as a hosting server solution. Let’s have a fair comparison of the features and the overall effectiveness of both the servers. I am sure after going through this article you can be the best judge to select your server plan as per your specific use and application.

Point 1: Pricings

Although both servers are equal in their operation speed and performance, Linux server hosting comes as a fairly cheaper than that to a windows based server. This is primarily because of the price tag attached with the Microsoft brand. Microsoft retains its price attached to its products and as compared most of the versions of Linux comes as free for users. Cheap Linux hosting are widely available at admirable costs as compared to the windows hosting solutions.

Point 2: Features:

As most of the users are conversant with the windows based environ and Microsoft developed functional application software, the people who need applications like have no alternative than to go for a windows hosting solution. Other applications like Access database support is only available for windows based systems as such software don’t support Linux platform. So if you require database in your server, you have to go with windows based servers.But for normal web hosting needs who do not require database and working on platform, can go safely with Linux as Linux server hosting supports applications like Apache, MySQL, php etc.

Point 3: User friendliness:

With the more numbers of people being acquainted with Windows environment often find it easy to work with a windows platform. But as the Linux version keeps on improving it has come up with more user friendly GUI mode. So here from the perspective of user friendliness both the server hosting provide almost equal reliability and performance for running of dedicated applications.

Point 4: Security and Attack vulnerability:

As most people are quite acquainted with windows operating systems, it’s much easier for server administrator to invade into the server. The numbers of virus and phishing software are more for windows system as compared to that of the Linux systems. Hence it’s obvious that Linux based servers offer a greater deal of security from this point. Although Linux is open-source software, it is not in much deliberate focus of the hackers. So while security comes into discussion, Linux server hosting offers greater scope for reliability.

Final Tag Line:

Linux and windows both serve their specific purpose while hosting is concerned. If you are not using any database or features you can easily adopt cheap Linux hosting for your web hosting needs. Being open source and easily available most of the companies prefer to offer Linux servers as their primary offer. But depending upon usages and requirements of specific website the hosting can be taken either from a windows or a Linux alternative.

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