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A Top Web Hosting Companies List You Can Count On

A Top Web Hosting Companies List You Can Count On

With all the thousands of various web hosting companies out there today, it is no wonder you are looking for a top web hosting companies list.  Did you ever wonder what makes a hosting company reach the top of these said lists?  The following is a list of the most important things a web hosting company must have to reach the top.  Use this information so that you can debunk other less than truthful top lists available around the web today and find one that will work for you.  

1.  Uptime
This is one of the most important factors in choosing a web host.  If a web host has a large downtime percentage your website will suffer the consequences.  People who are eager to buy your product, but continually come to your page and find nothing but an “under maintenance” sign, will probably go to your competitor’s page to buy.  Look for a 99.9% guaranteed uptime rate.  

2.  Technical Support
One way companies make it on to a top web hosting companies list is if they have fantastic technical support.  Nothing is more frustrating than having an issue and not being able to resolve it until the following day’s business hours.  That means the entire night your website is not functioning, you are turning away thousands of unhappy customers.  24-hour support is a must when choosing a web hosting company.  Also be sure that they are open seven days a week.  Other pluses to look for are email contact information and a toll free phone number.

3.  Web Site Building Tools
If you are brand new to the world of website creation then building tools are a must for any web hosting service you are thinking of choosing.  Free web page templates can make some pretty fantastic looking pages without the need of learning any HTML, Java or Visual Basic .NET languages.

4.  Money Back Guarantee
Another way companies make it on to a top web hosting companies list is by offering a money back guarantee.  Did they claim 99.9% up time but failed to mention they didn’t count routine maintenance in this figure?  Having a 30-day money back guarantee can save you a lot of Internet heartache.

5. Other Helpful Website Tools   
Things such as website statistics, virus protection, tutorials, graphics editors, SSL support, spam protection, JavaScript generators and POP3 support are all important little extras that will make your life much easier when handling a website.  

Now that you know just what to look for, you can make your own top web hosting companies list.  

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